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Read about what's users have had on their minds about reverse mortgages.  Reverse mortgages are a big financial commitment and can be confusing, especially for seniors.  Find out more about reverse mortgages by browsing though the responses of our financial experts.

Reverse Mortgage Rules | Changes in 2013

Will there be new reverse mortgage rules in 2013?

Reverse Mortgage Under 62

I am age 62 but my wife is not. We are separated and my home is in my name only. Do I qualify for a reverse mortgage?

Walking Away from Reverse Mortgage

Pros and Cons of Walking Away From Home with a Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage and Credit Card Debt

Stay In Your Home With a Reverse Mortgage and Resolve Your Credit Card Debt

Reverse Mortgage and Medicaid

How does Medicaid handle payments from a reverse mortgage? Are these considered income?

Reverse Mortgage Loan

Can a couple get a reverse mortgage on either home they own, when they reside in separate states?

Find Parents Reverse Mortgage Lender

My parent passed away. How do I locate the lender who issued the reverse mortgage?

Is a Reverse Mortgage the Right Choice for Me

Is reverse mortgage a good choice for paying off some bills and for improving our home?

Reverse Mortgage Liability

My parent died with a reverse mortgage. Now the bank is suing me. Why?

Reverse Mortgage Inheritance

My parent had a reverse mortgage and died unexpectedly. I inherited the property. What happens to the reverse mortgage?

VA Reverse Mortgage

What are the residency requirements for the VA reverse mortgage program?

Reverse Mortgage Qualification Requirements

I am 62 years old and need to know if I qualify for a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage for One Spouse

My husband will turn 62 next year. Would a reverse mortgage be a good choice for him?

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

My grandmother died with a reverse mortgage on her home. How do I stop a threatened foreclosure?

Reverse Mortgage With One Spouse Under 62

Can a reverse mortgage be obtained when one spouse is younger than age 62?

Reverse Mortgage and Notary Public

Do I need to have a notary public present at the closing of my reverse mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage on Upside-Down Property

My reverse mortgage is on a home that is worth less than what I borrowed. Can the lender collect from me?

Reverse Mortgage & Inheritance

I inherited a home that has a reverse mortgage. Can I stay in the home?

Change Name on Mortgage When Qualifying for Reverse Mortgage

Do I need to remove my daughter from my mortgage before I close on a reverse mortgage?

One Reverse Mortgage review

What can you tell me about One Reverse Mortgage? Where can I go to learn more about reverse mortgages?

Equitable Reverse Mortgage Review

Is Equitable Reverse Mortgage a good player in reverse mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage Living Trust

My husband died with a reverse mortgage on our property. What are my options?

Reverse Mortgage For Debt

Should my mom get a reverse mortgage, and pay off her credit cards?

Reverse Mortgage on a Second Home

Can I take out a reverse mortgage on a second home?

Selling Reverse Mortgages

Hi, I sell reverse Mortgages. I also want to educate seniors of potential scams. Any ideas on how I can do both?

Reverse Mortgage Benefits

Should my 86 year old mother consider a reverse mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage Rates

What is the difference between a fixed-rate and an annual adjusted rate reverse mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage Interest Rates

Are all reverse mortgages calculated using the adjustable rate on interest? If so, why?

Reverse Mortgage Refinance

Should we refinance the house with a reverse mortgage or take out a line of credit on our own homes to avoid foreclosure?

Reverse Mortgage and Unsecured Debts

Must I pay off personal judgments, not against the property, in order to get a reverse mortgage?

How do reverse mortgages work

How do reverse mortgages work and how much can I borrow?

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

Is a reverse mortgage the best way to go for my 84-year-old father?

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