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Bill receives a large number of mortgage questions from both first-time home buyers and veteran property owners. Securing a mortgage loan that has a low interest rate involves research, paperwork, and the right know-how. With the Blog, you’ll have no trouble finding the information you need to secure a great mortgage loan. Browse through the list of frequently asked mortgage questions and find the answers to your mortgage questions. 

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Should I Take a Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Which is better, a Fixed Rate Mortgage or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Gift Money: Tax and Mortgage Downpayment

Can I gift sale money to help my daughter buy a home? What is a wraparound mortgage?

HELOC After a Low Automated Appraisal

I want a HELOC, to take cash out of my home's equity. Should I pay for an appraisal, after my bank did an automated appraisal that showed a lower value than my house is worth?

Second Mortgage Lender | Shop Around

Can you help me find a second mortgage lender?

Home Equity Consolidation Loan Fees

What are the expenses, fees and closing costs associated with securing a home equity debt consolidation loan?

Fannie Mae's DU Refi Plus Program

Can I do a HARP refinance through Fannie Mae's Refi Plus automated system?

Mortgage Underwriting

How does the mortgage underwriting and mortgage approval process work?

Buffalo Bills

Do you guys like the Buffalo Bills and what are their chances this year?

When to Get a Loan Modification, Deed in Lieu or Short Sale

I live in Illinois and have two properties In Florida. Should I do a loan modification, deed in lieu, or a short sale?

Paying Off Mortgage

Is it possible to pay off a mortgage in one's lifetime? What happens to a property when a homeowner dies?

Mortgage, Note, Deed, & Title

My mother conveyed her house to me 14 years ago and then took out a mortgage without my knowledge. Do I have liability?

Bank of America Mortgage Payment and Acknowledgment

How do we get proof our mortgage is paid to our lender Bank of America?

LTV and Refinance Rate

How important is LTV when shopping for a mortgage refinance?

Refinance with LTV Greater Than 100%

Our home is worth a lot less than what we paid for it. Will we qualify for a 30-year fixed refinance?

Negotiate Mortgage Settlement

I can't afford my second mortgage. What are my options for negotiating a settlement?

Home Sale or Refinance

We want a HELOC or home improvement loan. What are our options?

State Stops House Sale

Can a state intervene in the sale of my home and hold the funds?

Can a bank cancel my HELOC?

I am current on my HELOC payments. Can my bank cancel my HELOC?

Adding a Spouse to a Mortgage

I want to improve my credit score, by being added to my spouse's mortgage. How can I do that?

Should I Refinance My Three Mortgages?

I have three mortgages on two properties. Is now a good time to refinance my mortgages?

Spouse Not On Mortgage

What is the form that is used when you are married, but purchase a home without the spouse being on the mortgage?

Refinance VA Loan

How do I find the right loan, if I am looking to refinance my VA loan?

Rush Mortgage Refinance Offer

Why did our bank send us an unsolicited offer for a mortgage refinance? How can we be sure it is not a sophisticated scam?

Negotiate Short Sale

How can I negotiate with unreasonable mortgage creditors? Should I avoid foreclosure at all costs, and what happens if I don't?

Fast Short Sale

We owe $1.2 million on a home worth half of that. What are our options if our mortgagee won't modify our loans?

Mortgage Qualification & Home Account

Why can't banks or other financial institutions tell potential clients what are needed to get a loan before applying?

Mobile Home Financing

How do I know if the mobile home loan I was offered was a good one?

Sell My House Back to the Bank

I do not want my house anymore. Will my bank buy it from me?

Mortgage Calculator Tips

Do you have any tips on Mortgage Calculator help and where and how i can use a mortgage calculator?

Saxon Mortgage Principal Reduction

How do I start a principal reduction with Saxon Mortgage Services?

Debt To Income Ratio Tips

I am applying for a mortgage and want to know what a debt to income ratio is, and what is my DTI number?

California Short Sale

If I let my California home go into foreclosure, can the lender collect any deficiency balance from me?

HELOC Payment

Is my bank violating my HELOC contract by applying payments to late fees first and then the interest second?

Refinance or Sell My Home?

I am having trouble deciding if I should sell my home or refinance my mortgage. What factors should weigh in my decision?

Mortgage Scam

How can I tell if I am becoming involved in mortgage scam?

Refinance to 15-Year Loan

Is it smart to refinance a 5.25% 30-year loan to a 15-year loan at 4%?

Name On Mortgage

Should one or both spouses be on a mortgage? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

Home Account Best Way to Apply for Online Mortgage Loan

Is Home Account the best way to shop for a mortgage loan online? What are the best online mortgage tools to get a refinance.

How to Short Sale

How do I start a short sale? If there is a deficiency balance, are my retirement savings at risk?

Time to Complete a Refinance

How long should it take to refinance a house?

Real Estate Fraud Evidence

If the assessed value of the property we bought is less than the price we paid, is that evidence of fraud?

Wisconsin Second Mortgage Foreclosure

I live in Wisconsin, and cannot afford my second mortgage. What are my options? Am I about to lose my house.

Georgia Foreclosure and Divorce

If I allow foreclosure, can I be thrown into jail for breaking my divorce agreement?

Foreclose on Second Deed of Trust

Can the holder of the junior deed of trust foreclose if the senior is current. What are the chances of that happening?

Short Sale Snafus

I am trying to sell my home in a short sale, but the buyer seems to be stringing me along. Should I file bankruptcy?

Refinance or Home Equity Loan?

Which is better, refinancing my first mortgage or getting a home equity loan?

Short Sale on HELOC

I have only a HELOC on my townhouse, but the balance is greater than the market value of the property. What are my options?

RESPA & Escrow Account

Is a mortgage escrow account for taxes and insurance required under RESPA?

Bought House Subject to Mortgage

I bought a second mortgage at a foreclosure sale, and now can't recoup my investment and cover the balance of the first.

Handyman Special

If a house appraises for $26,000, but needs $25,000 in repairs, how much should I offer to buy it?

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