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Updated: Feb 13, 2012


  • Here are seven tables that condense important consumer-related laws for California residents on one handy page.
  • Learn more about California statutes of limitations for debt.
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California Statute of Limitations, Collection Law, Payday Loans & Bankruptcy Limits

Each state legislature wrote its own set of laws protecting state residents. This page contains seven tables that condense important consumer-related laws for California residents. Because seeing all seven tables is a bit overwhelming, we hid them until you click on links to reveal them. Click on the appropriate link to see the information you wish to see. To learn more, we include links to state and resources you can trust.

California Collection Law

Account levy, liens against property, and wage garnishment are allowed in California. Learn the collections rules for California debts, and related laws. View or hide California Collection Laws tables

California Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations provides an affirmative defense should a creditor file a lawsuit against debtor for a consumer debt. View or hide California Statute of Limitations Laws table

California Bankruptcy Rules

Learn the bankruptcy exemption amounts for California residents. View or hide California Bankruptcy Laws table

California Mortgage

California offers a limited anti-deficiency law for California residents who fall into foreclosure. Also, learn the maximum amount of an FHA loan in California. View or hide California Mortgage Laws table

California Payday Loans

California allows a consumer to borrow up one $300 payday loan at a time. View or hide California Payday Laws table

California Consumer Protection

What is the maximum interest rate a consumer can be charged in California? What is California' Lemon Law? Where can a California resident find no-cost legal services? View or hide California Consumer Laws table

California Facts

Learn the California population, sales tax rate, average income, and more. View or hide California Facts table

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