| Habanero Burger Challenge

image alt text TeamOct 25, 2011

Habanero Burger Challenge Highlights

The team welcomes the Lendage team by introducing them to their annual, "Habanero burger challenge." This year's event was attended by 15 participants and 13 successful completions. The controversy of the day was Chris F's disqualification for hiding his habanero sauce under his french fries. Thanks to all team members who joined us at the The Swinging Door, and we hope next year is a bigger turn out! Enjoy.

 Habanero Burger Challenge


NNithin J, Oct, 2011
Don't forget the past heroes!
SSteve H, Oct, 2011
Now THAT is dedication...mixed with a little crazy.
DDoug Goodwin, Oct, 2011
Hilarious! I really need to try this one day.
AAnthony Garcia, Oct, 2011
Everything came out fine. Great team building stuff. Suggestion Bills "snake charming contest" for next years event!
bbrad stroh, Oct, 2011
Love the tears Sophia and non-stop sweating vernon!