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""Founded in 2005, provides a wealth of free mortgage information, " reports Aaron Lay of "Through comprehensive, expertly written and curated articles, interactive tools, and other resources, makes it easier for anyone interested in owning a home to do the necessary research.""


"Climbing out from under even a modest amount of debt may seem overwhelming. provides advice about all the available solutions for resolving debt with special insights on debt settlement as a member the Freedom Financial Network (FFN)," writes  "In 2016 alone, FFN companies resolved over $1.5 billion of consumer debt on more than 300,000 individual accounts, originated over $245 million in unsecured personal loans, and connected over 700,000 people shopping for mortgages with mortgage lenders."

BBB's Financial Building Blocks

BBB's Financial Building Blocks

"BBB's Financial Building Blocks"

Seemingly inexpensive habits can add up quickly

Seemingly inexpensive habits can add up quickly

"Inexpensive habits like coffee or soda may seem harmless, but the expense of those items can add up over time. News 4 found a Web site that tracks your spending and shows how much you can save by cutting out things like unused gym memberships or car washes."

Struggling Homeowners' New Exit Strategy: Short Sales

Fox Business News

"Short sales are not void of risk. Ewing advises homeowners considering identify whether their loan is recourse or a non recourse. In a non-recourse loan, the lender can't come after you for the deficiency balance."

More Americans Haunted by the Ghost of Phone Bills Past Due

Daily Finance

" In these tough economic times, it’s natural that some consumers are skipping phone payments due to a lack of funds. But others are cutting the cord — to bolt to another carrier before their two-year contract is up or switch to a prepaid disposable phone — and simply failing to settle the existing bill with the carrier they left, says Brad Stroh, co-founder and chief executive of "

Resolution: Get Your Finances Straight Online


" …you can still get a quick — and perhaps frightening — picture of your financial health by using DebtCoach at You don’t have to enter private account numbers here, simply put in what you owe, what you make, and your goal. "

Credit Cards: How to Avoid Getting Tricked This Holiday Season

Fox Business News

" ‘Give it a try the numbers can be scary,’ says president Ethan Ewing: ‘The minimum monthly payment is a costly way to pay down your balance, and can effectively lock you into a lifetime of debt.’ "

Credit Cards: How to Avoid Getting Tricked This Holiday Season


" The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says 70 percent of consumers surveyed say they have noticed new credit card disclosures on their bills. But fewer than one-third say this caused them to make bigger payments or stop charging up their cards. "

Credit cards: How to avoid getting tricked this holiday season


" The federal CARD Act, which took effect in 2010, is responsible for the disclosures we now see on credit card statements — how long it will take to pay off a balance if you pay the minimum as well as how much you'd have to pay monthly to retire your debt in three years. There are also plenty of online calculators out there, such as what you can find on, that let you change scenarios to see just how much a difference a bigger (or smaller) payment can make. "

Spend Wisely this Holiday Season

Credit Card Education

""Credit cards have their place in your holiday shopping strategy," says Ewing, adding that credit cards offer convenience and in some cases provide warranty protection and discounts. Ewing says another reason to use credit cards is to accumulate rewards points, though he cautions that some rewards programs are better than others."

Web Tools for an Effective Debt Diet

Daily Worth

" If your problem is figuring out the best debt payoff strategy, try the Debt Coach on It is a swift set-up, and free. Using a drag-and-drop menu, you set your debt priorities: Is it more important to pay less each month; get out of debt fast, etc.? Debt Coach then suggests solutions, ranging from different payments to debt settlement. "

How Steve Jobs Changed the Way We Spend Money

Daily Finance

" The iPhone and iPad have completely upended the balance of power in the world of personal finance," says Brad Stroh, CEO of personal finance web site "Consumers now have access to real-time rates, account balances and budget spend at their fingertips -- all on a device in their pocket." Yet on the flip side, the iPhone and iPad allow us to spend money anytime -- and that can be devastating for anyone trying to rein in spending. "

How much can cutting coffee, dinners out and cigarettes save?

Los Angeles TImes

" ...if you're like me, forgoing that morning cup of Joe sounds more grim than getting a tooth pulled, and remembering to make a batch at home every day is a lost cause. But what about cutting back on dinners out? Trimming your own bangs? Or shaving a few dollars off the grocery bill per week? A simple tool called My Savings Machine from helps people estimate how much can be saved by shedding a few minor expenses over the long haul. "

Cutting Back (But Not on Coffee!) To Save Money

The New York Times

" A new tool from, called My Savings Machine, provides a fast, fun way to calculate your savings in different categories over time. You click on the category you want to analyze (coffee, cigarettes, groceries, etc.), select an anticipated interest rate and slide the marker over to your chosen time period. Voila: An actual number. "

Visualize Your Savings

PJs All Day

" I thought... My Savings Machine tool was a great way to talk to kids about money. It's clear, simple and easy to maneuver. If you have a teen who's looking at saving for a car, have him consider the areas he might be able to save in. Can he cut out one movie a month? a latte? cut some snacks? If so, he can immediately put the weekly amount saved in each category into the "machine" and see how much he'll have to put towards his car by the end of the year. It's actually kind of fun to play around with. "

Save or Spend? Cool New Tool Calculates the Cost

money watch

" The greatest thing about having a tool like this provide the math is you can see what would happen if you cut back, rather than cut out, your costly habits,” says Kathy Kristof, of CBS MoneyWatch, describing the new Bills.comMy Savings Machine tool. "

New Online Tools Help Manage Credit, Debt and Expenses — for Free

Daily Finance

" Debt Coach from offers side-by-side options for getting out of debt, including a cost-benefit analysis of refinancing, debt counseling, and different payment strategies. It also reveals — in a first for consumers, says CEO Brad Stroh — the concession or settlement rates that credit card companies use if you decide to make a deal to pay off your balances. "

In debt? Weigh your options

CNN Money

" has partnered with Experian to create DebtCoach, which pulls credit reports for consumers, organizes all of a their debts in one place and recommends the best option to eliminate debt, based on a comparison of the total costs of each debt-busting method. "

Credit Cards: How to Protect Yourself in 2011


" Ethan Ewing, president of, says, 'Many card companies increased marketing of small business credit cards for personal use. Customers might unknowingly expose themselves to many of the same problems that have plagued consumer cards for years. "

What the Credit Card Act Means for You

The New York Times

" 'The days of tossing letters from your credit card company into the trash are over,' Brad Stroh, chief executive of, said in a statement. "

5 Reasons Why Refinancing May Be a Good Option Now


" Mortgage experts from, one of the leading resources for free, objective and expert money advice, advised that consumers considering a home refinance should begin the process now. Further, the company reported that the most frequently asked question of its Ask Bill expert advice center concerned home refinancing rates and recommendations. 'Market conditions have aligned to make this a perfect environment for home refinancing,' said Ethan Ewing, president of 'Low rates and compelling opportunities to refinance into shorter term loans have arrived at the same time as large consumer demand. "

7 Ways to Get a Better Credit Score

Good Housekeeping

" ‘Applying for a new card can tell financial institutions that you’re intending to take on new debt. That can raise your risk as a borrower,’ says Ethan Ewing, president of, a money-management Web site. "

Be a Savvy Credit Cardholder

Bankrate, Inc.

" Ethan Ewing, President of says, 'Move your business elsewhere if you've done nothing wrong and they start changing the rules on you' "