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Advice and articles about credit cards, how to use them properly, and what happens when you don't.

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  • Daniel Cohen
    7 Credit Card Mistakes
    Avoid these 7 common credit card mistakes: The minimum payment trap; Making late payments; Closing an old account, pretending credit card spending isn't...
  • Daniel Cohen
    Rush Card | The RushCard is a prepaid Visa debit card. Review the pros and cons of the RushCard at
  • Mark Cappel
    Instant Approval Credit Card
    Credit card offers | Credit card offers are common. Discover 5 tips to finding the best instant approval credit card offers with information from
  • Daniel Cohen
    Common Credit Card Fees
    Learn all about credit card fees and how they affect you.
  • Betsalel Cohen
    CFPB New Credit Card Rules
    CFPB Proposes New Credit Card Income Rules for Non-Working Spouses | New proposed rules to help non-working spouses qualify for credit cards will...
  • Daniel Cohen
    First Premier Credit Card with 49.9% Interest
    First Premier has a credit card that comes with a 49.9% annual interest rate. Consider a secured credit card as a superior alternative
  • Daniel Cohen
    Credit CARD Act 2009
    Credit CARD Act of 2009 | The Credit CARD Act of 2009 is designed to make communications from credit card issuers clearer to consumers, and not necessarily...
  • BS
    Credit Card Types
    Free tips to find the best credit card for your needs
  • Mark Cappel
    Walmart Debit Card
    Walmart now offers two low-cost pre-paid debit cards, which it targets to people who are not served by banks and credit unions. The two cards are called...
  • Daniel Cohen
    Key Changes to the CARD Act
    The Federal Reserve announced some key changes made to The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009
  • Mark Cappel
    Credit Cards and Credit Resources
    Learn more about credit cards, how to find the best rates on credit cards, and what to avoid when credit card shopping.

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