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  • Mark Cappel
    Voluntary Repossession and Deficiency Balances
    Voluntary Repossession and Deficiency Balances | co-CEO, Brad Stroh discusses voluntary repossession and deficiency balances and how to deal with...
  • AG
    Student Loan Consolidation Video
    Watch the student loan consolidation video to discover the rules regarding federal and private student loan consolidation.
  • AG
    Understanding The Impact Of Debt
    Brad Stroh, CEO of, discusses the impact of debt relief. Learn about lower rates and payments with a debt evaluation
  • AG
    Debt Settlement Info Video
    Watch this debt settlement video to learn whether this is the right solution to your serious debt problem.
  • Daniel Cohen
    Debt Settlement Video
    Watch this video to learn about the "Debt Settlement" option for debt relief from and whether this is the right solution to your serious debt problem.
  • AG
    CNBC Refinance Video Interview
    CNBC interviews Andrew Housser on Mortgage Refinance.
  • AG
    Credit Card Video
    If your child is leaving for college, watch this student credit card video with them to help them avoid accumulating debt.
  • AG
    Reducing Debt Video
    Reducing Debt | Watch's Founder and CEO Brad Stroh speaks with Fox News 5 in San Diego about helpful ways consumers can save money and reduce their...
  • AG
    Debt Coach Finovate Video
    Debt Coach, a new tool to help consumers resolved their debts, was unveiled by at Finovate SF. Watch the full interview here.
  • Daniel Cohen
    Debt Consolidation
    Confused about consolidating debt? Watch this debt consolidation video that explains your options and which is best for you at, from Bradford Stroh.
  • AG
    Understanding the Impact of Debt
    Understanding Debt: The Impact of Debt and Debt Options for Consumers. video featuring Brad Stroh, CEO.