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Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Reviews

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About Fifth Third Bank Mortgage

Fifth Third Bank has offered financial services to the eastern region of the US for over 150 years. Since its start in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company has expanded to Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina. Firth Third Bank is a reputable lender that is ranked in the Fortune 500 list and is recognized as one of the most trusted retail bank by the Ponemon Institute. Although the higher fees charged to borrowers makes it a hard choice to get a mortgage with them, Fifth Third Bank make it up by giving one-on-one attention to each consumer. Fifth Third Bank has a wide selection of mortgage products from convention 30 year fixed to interest only mortgages that can be tailored to your needs.
Cincinnati, OH
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Fifth Third Bank Mortgage works hard to be a successful, principled, involved financial institution that serves its customers and community. Since its beginning, Fifth Third has provided superior customer service and followed sound banking principles. Fifth Third began as a Midwestern regional mortgage and banking leader, and has grown to be a national mortgage powerhouse that offers a variety of loan products, including home loans, refinance loans, purchase mortgages, reverse mortgages and debt consolidation loans. It is headquartered in Cincinnati but maintains a national footprint and prides itself on superior customer service and being one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country. Fifth Third Bank offers a suite of fixed-rate and ARM loans, including conforming mortgage loans and jumbo loans. It should be considered whenever service and relationship are a priority.
Personal attention, easy online application.
High fees and rates, limited Fifth Third branches nationwide.

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No costumer service at all

by | March 24, 2014
refinainced to lower debt to income ratio. Lowered bill by 1500.00/mth 5/3 added 15k to my flex line. paid 3k to refi. doesn't seem to make sense. pay stubs show over 100k income but they say it is only 80k. doesn't make sense. told call you back in a few hours. that was 3 days ago. maybe just avoiding me now. S. Elgin branch is awful. even the manager won't do what he says.

Refinanced mortgage from an interest rate of 7.18% to 4.5% fixed!!!

by | December 5, 2013
I went to 5/3rd. (my personal bank) and they are so wonderful, in 30 days I refinanced my home mortgage to an interest rate of 4.5% fixed!!! At the closing a wonderful bank officer Shane R. waived monies because I'm so poor. I want to thank my mortgage originator Kaye the 5/3 Groveport, Oh. branch and bank manager-Anita E. & tellers Stephanie B.-Karen H.-Devlin C.-Karen H & Robin C, underwriters. I will save so much money every month because of 5/3rd. Thank you for being so kind to me. Sincerely, Linda

Total Incompetence. AVOID !!

by | May 23, 2013
It has now been 11 months that I've been trying to get a simple mortgage for a 2nd property (purchasing from a relative). Every few weeks, they find something else they need. I give it to them. Why don't they have a basic checklist of EVERYTHING required?!!? Now, because "it's been so long", they want ME to provide them with all the paperwork all over again. Including another expensive appraisal at MY expense! Is there any higher-up federal organization where this can be reported? I'm in NY.


by | December 28, 2012
I work close with this bank both retail and wholesale submitting mortgage loans to them as a mortgage processor. WHAT A NIGHTMARE for our borrower's!!! DO NOT EVER AGREE FOR YOUR MORTGAGE TO GO THROUGH THIS BANK REGARDLESS OF "PRICING". Save yourself the headache and the disappointment of your closing being moved several times!!!

Fifth Third Bank

by | October 1, 2012
Fifth Thirdd is out for one thing...your money. After 6-1/2 years of making mortgage payments on time, miss one and see what happens. They will hound you without letup daily. You cqan't make a deal with them to catch up. They won't listen to anything you have to say. For your own sake, stay away from these people.

Wish I had refinanced with Wells Fargo instead...

by | July 31, 2012
While I was in the process of refinancing with Wells Fargo, 5/3 called and could save me an additional 1/4%. I fell for the cheapest option, but oh, the headache! I want to make additional principal payments but you basically cannot. They tell you that you can, but after you've signed up then no one at the branches can really tell you how to go about doing it and make sure all the extra payment is applied to principal only and that it actually happens. The money is "floating out there" per a teller!

Mortgage problems

by | July 28, 2012
Court approved foreclosed on property - owners displaced - 5/3 then dropped foreclosure - not holding house as ransom! Customer Service of NO HELP! Get transferred on the telephone from one person to another - no one even taking time to review 'case' and give any valuable assistance. Worst 'Customer Service' of any Bank I've ever had!

5/3 does not know how to service a mortgage

by | July 9, 2012
I have had mortgages with several banks. 5/3 is the worst. Their technology is antiquated. They tell you to do something and then another person says, "you shouldn't have done that." They make mistakes like crazy. They have rude employees. Really, this is disorganized, bad service. I will move my mortgage.


by | June 18, 2012
This bank totally sucks they don't care about thier customers , they will not help you at all...

Worst Customer Service Imaginable

by | January 17, 2012
It's like this company goes out of its way to devise the most archaic, frustrating, and horrible customer experience possible. They pester me night and day to refinance even though I've told no fewer than 4 different agents that I can't refi now. I've tried to change my address multiple times, but I'm pretty sure that hasn't worked and I can't get through to anyone with their tortuous phone system. Why not go online? Oh, that's right, there's no web access. Total fail.

Online Mortgage Payment - NOT!!

by | December 30, 2011
OK, it's the 21st century and no online mortgage bill paying? Are you kidding. Also, I can't even look up balances since there's no online access. Pitiful.

Fifth Third Bank helped me get a loan.

by | December 8, 2011
Thanks to Fifth Third, i finally refinanced.

Efficient service

by | November 21, 2011
The efficiency of the staff is excellent, that is in getting you off the line and going to the next customer. The mid management has grasp the concept of getting promotions by showing fast service and getting attention to their departments but the stars they are wining are at the expense of the customers.

Discouraged customer

by | November 1, 2011
53 really dropped the ball this past yr as far as I'm concerned. Me=consumer with a cr sc at 800 & on same job over 14 yrs. My 1st situation with them involved them leading me on with a loan approval until 3 days before closing then making the decision the property I was purchasing wasn't worthy...even tho it appraised. Then 53 hounds me to re-fi my current home & I relent only to be told I wasn't eligible. Seriously? They get more $ from me ea month w/current loan so why should they?

Fifth Third does not watnt to lend money

by | October 12, 2011
I have a credit score of 793. I wanted to refinance at 50% of equity. I have been on my job for eighteen years. I owe a total of $1900 on cc. I pay my AmEx off every month. I have a perfect payment record. They denied my refinance request.

be ready to be harrassed!

by | October 1, 2011
Horrible service! I think Fifth Third employees hate their jobs and their customers. Rude! They must take a class on how to be jerks. I have legitimate concerns over THEM not paying my insurance and taxes that are escrowed. Every year they don't pay them and I receive delinquency notices, call them and they tell me I'm wrong! I'm two seconds "late" and they are calling my office, cell, home! Yes, they don't believe in any grace period and harrass you. Due on 5th, they call you relentlessly on!

refinance and getting screwed!

by | September 26, 2011
Called to asked about getting refinanced and they went through a bunch of questions with me and told me I was qualified for their streamline loan. They had me open up a billpayer account so I could receive extra savings on my interest. They wrote me an email saying not to pay my august payment because they would be closing soon on my loan. A few weeks went by and I never received any info. Running out of typing room. I am now contacting a lawyer for what's going on.

Etremely slated toward themsleves and not the customers

by | July 5, 2011
never wrote a review before but I cannot give this bank a good review.

Good customer service, costly loan

by | December 3, 2010
I've been banking with fifth third for over 10 years and naturally I went with the bank for my first mortgage. The loan officer was helpful in walking me through the mortgage process, but was at times unresponsive when asked about the various fees and cost when i was looking over the loan documents. It took us longer than we expected to secure the loan, but we were ultimately happy with the service we received.