Financial Plan


Action Plan #2


Date: November 7, 2019   Prepared for Kait by Daniel




 Your Goals


Improve Credit

Boost Savings

Increase Income


Inspirational Quote of the Day:

"Your first step is the first
step to success"



Quick Recap


  1. Divorce wreaked havoc on your finances.
  2. Judgment from foreclosure  weighing on you. Though creditor appears satisfied to accept $500/month from your ex and leaves you alone, it could come after you if it chooses.
  3. Not enough money coming in. Lots of constraints to taking action, e.g.. finding job in field you have skills and training to do is not easy, the need to keep healthcare to cover known monthly costs, family may have means to assist but that isn't a simple solution.
  4. Balancing justice (getting done what is fair and right) and compelling your ex to pay the judgment debt. With his stubborn ability to harm himself if it harms you, too, you need to be careful about anything that would put ex in bad place, a place he may deserve, but one that will impact the money you get from him.



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Ways to Save


Your Next Steps



1.Free Credit Report with Score- To help me see the details of your report, I recommend going to ScoreSense. For $1, refundable at the time you cancel within the trial period, you will have easy access to all 3 bureaus in a format you can email to me. 

2. Authorized User- Speak with your parents, or anyone with excellent credit, about adding you as an authorized user on a card that has low credit utilization. That means a card that is using, ideally, less than 10% of the credit limit  on the day the statement is issued by the creditor.

3. Continue Building Savings. Great that you are putting money into savings and retirement each paycheck. Keep that momentum going! I know you have holiday gifts to give, but don't use all the savings you have worked so hard to build.  Use the Emergency Fund calculator to track how you are doing.

4. Boost Income A job in your field may be hard to come by. Don't let that prevent you from trying. As Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don''t take. Keep in mind the changes you could put in place if you find a job in your field. Not only would you have more money, you related to me the pride you took in helping people with serious issues. Right now, this is a thought experiment and then some open-minded research. Take advantage of the offer for housing in VA to look for jobs there.

5. Review Let's look at your credit reports together, then discuss any questions you have.

6. Set up Free Account- When you visit, set up a user account. The "Sign Up" feature is located at the top right corner of any page at our site.


Useful Tools, Guides & Articles

Dispute Credit Report Info

Emergency Fund Calculator




My Next Steps


  • Set a reminder on my calendar to remind you to cancel the ScoreSense during the trial period.
  • Review the credit reports you send me and be ready to go over them with you within two business days. 
  • Answer any questions you have in a timely manner.


My Commitment to You

We are in this together. You take care of your steps and I'll take care of mine. We are accountable to each other. I will deliver to you what I say I will. And you can tell my boss, Brad Stroh, how I am doing.