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Freedom Debt Relief & - Scam or Good?


  • There are many reviews of Freedom Debt Relief out there.
  • Freedom Debt appears to be one of the largest and most successful debt providers of debt settlement.
  • Do your own homework and find the right debt solution first, and then pick a debt provider like Freedom Debt Relief
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Freedom Debt Relief & Evaluation. Is Freedom Debt Relief a Scam, or can the program work for consumers with debt problems.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the leading debt resolution providers in the country. Freedom Debt uses debt settlement and debt negotiation to help its clients resolve difficult debt burdens by cutting monthly cost, resolving debts for a discount, and shortening the time it takes to get debt free. They can be located at Freedom Debt Relief. Freedom Debt Relief certainly does not appear to be a scam, but rather one large provider of a particular format of debt relief solutions typically called debt settlement.

We evaluated Freedom Debt Relief and here is what we found:

The program that they use lists three primary benefits: a low monthly contribution payments; reducing debts and the amount of principal owed; and getting their clients debt-free in a short amount of time. When Freedom Debt Relief negotiates down credit card debt, it allows their clients to save a smaller amount each month that is saved in an FDIC insured bank account in the client’s name — resulting in those lower payments. Overall, it looks like this is not a scam and is a a solid company for consumers who want low payments and to get debt free quickly.

It is important, however, to evaluate any program on its merits and down-sides. With a negotiated debt settlement program, the benefits come at the cost of a low credit rating during the program (do not expect to get a loan or mortgage during a debt settlement program, and likely for at least a year after you graduate).

These are a few of the considerations, if you want to go to its Web site. They can be located at Freedom Debt Relief. If you would like more information, please visit our debt relief boot-camp or apply with one of’s approved debt relief partners by following this link: Debt Relief Savings Quote



*UPDATE - 2010*

  • Freedom Debt Relief is one of the largest and appear to be one of the most established players in the debt relief field.
  • They work directly for the consumer, and do not receive any compensation from the creditor (which is how many alternative credit counseling firms work, where they get kick-backs from the credit card companies to get you to pay your debts back).
  • They are members of the Better Business Bureau, and have been members for many years.
  • The founders have appeared in the press and news as consumer finance resources in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Stanford Business School Magazine, La Opinion and many others.
  • They are saving millions in credit card and other unsecured debt for their clients every month.
  • Since the initial review, Freedom Debt Relief has grown to become one of the largest debt resolution providers.
  • Freedom is recognized as one of the best places to work in Phoenix and San Francisco, been named to the Inc 500, Fast 100 and has had multiple third party audit reviews completed:
  • Freedom passed an audit by BSI Group, a third-party industry-compliance and standards auditor. Freedom is currently one of only 16 companies in the industry to undergo and pass BSI audit for formal accreditation, including client service standards and settlement standards.
  • The debt consultants at Freedom have passed International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) certification, FDR is one of three platinum-certified debt settlement companies.
  • Do your own homework, but Freedom appears to be a strong choice.
  • Much of the information above can be found on the Freedom Debt Relief Wikipedia page.
(9 Votes)

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