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Browse through our most popular articles on second mortgages and home equity lines of credit. Learn when you should consider a home equity loan, the positives and negatives of a home equity loan, where to find the best rates, the differences between a second mortgage and a HELOC, and more.

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    Refinance Tips Video
    Video on how to Refinance My Mortgage. Ethan Ewing, mortgage expert and President of Bills.com, explains how to refinance a mortgage loan.
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    Lender Compare Video
    Mortgage Refinance tools like Lender Compare from Bills.com make refinancing easy.
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    Mortgage Closing Cost
    Learn about the closing costs of a mortgage refinance from the Bills.com mortgage experts.
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    Refinancing Tips
    Five tips on Mortgage Refinance Loans and how to get the best loan in the shortest time.
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    What Is LTV?
    Mortgage Calculator video tips from Bills.com. Ethan Ewing, President of Bills.com, gives you free information on Loan-to-Value, also known as 'LTV.'
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    Mortgage Refinancing Cost
    Learn about the cost of refinancing your mortgage. Find out if you should refinance into a lower rate today.
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    Debt to Income Video
    Learn about Debt to Income (DTI) and get mortgage refinance tips from Bills.com
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    Private Mortgage Insurance Info
    PMI and private mortgage insurance video tips from Bills.com. What you need to know about PMI.
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    Recent Events Video
    Find out what's happening in the mortgage market from Ethan Ewing.