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Mortgage Videos from the Experts

Videos from experts to help you learn about all aspects of mortgages and home loans. experts help you to learn the dos and don'ts of mortgage shopping and debt management without having to wade through reams of paper in our series of mortgage videos.

More Mortgage Videos

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    Getting a Mortgage Loan
    Advice and tips, from President Ethan Ewing, on getting the best deal on your mortgage loan online.
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    Mortgage Calculator
    Mortgage Calculator Video Tips from
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    Reverse Mortgage Video
    Reverse Mortgage Video with free tips on the reverse mortgage process and what you NEED to know, from
  • Daniel Cohen
    Fox Interview - Planning for Holiday Spending
    Brad Stroh gives tips to consumers on how to make smart financial decisions around the holidays.
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    Refinance Tips Video
    Video on how to Refinance My Mortgage. Ethan Ewing, mortgage expert and President of, explains how to refinance a mortgage loan.
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    Lender Compare Video
    Mortgage Refinance tools like Lender Compare from make refinancing easy.
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    Mortgage Closing Cost
    Learn about the closing costs of a mortgage refinance from the mortgage experts.
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    Refinancing Tips
    Five tips on Mortgage Refinance Loans and how to get the best loan in the shortest time.
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    What Is LTV?
    Mortgage Calculator video tips from Ethan Ewing, President of, gives you free information on Loan-to-Value, also known as 'LTV.'
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    Mortgage Refinancing Cost
    Learn about the cost of refinancing your mortgage. Find out if you should refinance into a lower rate today.
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    Debt to Income Video
    Learn about Debt to Income (DTI) and get mortgage refinance tips from
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    Private Mortgage Insurance Info
    PMI and private mortgage insurance video tips from What you need to know about PMI.
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    Recent Events Video
    Find out what's happening in the mortgage market from Ethan Ewing.