Getting Control Of Your Daily Finances

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In this video Virginia Sullivan, Head of Consumer Education at gives you excellent tips on how to get control of your daily finances.

in this video, virginia sullivan, head of consumer education at, gives you tips on how to take control of your daily finances. these tips include paying off credit card debt and other helpful information. to see your options for paying off credit card debt click here.

video transcription;

"hi, i am virginia sullivan and i am head of consumer education at and would like to talk to you today about getting control over your daily finances. you know we hear a lot in the news and on the internet about big financial goals, things like buying a home or saving for retirement, or helping your children through college.  but it is going to be difficult to meet those financial challenges unless you have a really a good financial foundation, so here are four tips to help you take charge of your finances;

tip number one, get on a budget. there is some great information out there, got some good information, or your local library or bank branch will help you understand your income and expenses each month and make sure that you are paying your bills that you need to pay.

tip number two, understand your daily cash needs. you know we make financial decisions every day, you are with friends and they want to go for a cup of coffee, or your kids forgot to tell you they need $10 dollars for their field trip, so you need to have a little bit of money set aside so that you can deal with those daily financial expenditures outside of your regular budget.

tip number three, get on a regular savings plan. put a little bit of money away every month for emergencies, or for purchases, if you can buy a washer and dryer and not to go to laundromat, that definitely helps your life. 

and then tip number four is get out of credit card debt. pay off those credit cards as quickly as you can, you know the average family that has credit card debt has $16,000 dollars of balances and many aren’t even able to make more than the minimum payments, that can really wreck havoc on a financial outlook, so be sure to try to get out from underneath that credit card debt as soon as you can. 

so, there are our four tips and we encourage you to see and go and check our tools and resources. we are committed to help consumers make better financial decisions every day."

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