Life Insurance: Articles and Guides

Find the Right Life Insurance Policy to Protect Your Family

Thinking about life insurance is not fun. It involves focusing on what would happen if you die. While it is not the most pleasant topic, if you ignore your need for life insurance, you can put your family at great risk for financial harm in the event of a tragedy.

Life insurance is designed to protect your family and loved ones if they suffer the loss of their primary breadwinner. In the event of your passing, your Life Insurance policy provides your named beneficiaries with the amount of money specified by your policy, paid in either a single lump sum or regular, periodic payments. 

Use to learn about and compare your two primary forms of Life Insurance:  Term Life and Permanent Life (also known as Whole Life Insurance).

Figuring out the right level of coverage and shopping for the best rates and policy can be difficult Your insurance needs are different, at different stages of your life, whether you have a new family, you’re the sole support for the household, or your kids have just started college. can help you figure out what kind of life insurance coverage is right for you.