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About Us & Our Services

Money Help on Mortgages, Refinance Loans, Debt Consolidation, Credit and More!

Our articles, tools and solutions help people save time, money, and stress by addressing the everyday money issues faced by most of us... all for free!

Whether you need help finding a mortgage, ways to deal with an overwhelming debt or tax burden, tips on how to pay off your loans, or just need down-to-earth advice on running a budget, we’re here and we're happy to help you out.

"I have regained confidence in myself" Nicole, Ohio

Mortgage Help Made Simple

Looking for a mortgage?  Thinking about a refinance? Want to know mortgage rates in California? Try our cool new Refinance Calculator. Learn about specific loans like no closing cost mortgage loans, competitive reverse mortgages, rules for FHA loan requirements or even the new Obama Refinance Plan.

See our mortgage companies section for reviews of top lenders including tips on how to get a Bank of America Mortgage, a loan from CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo MortgageLending Tree or the best deal from Chase Mortgage.

"My lender followed up in a timely manner - my loan is in process." Elena, Idaho

Simple Debt Help

The Bills.com debt relief page contains tips, tools, guides, calculators and free advice on all of your debt options, including debt settlement, credit counseling, and bankruptcy.  Check out our awesome Debt Coach application too, and then see if it can help  you understand your credit consolidation options.  

We just launched a handy and easy to understand debt consolidation calculator — or if you’re struggling with debts and bills, try out our new minimum payments calculator or read the detailed overview on debt relief options.

"After 20 years my debt is finally under control" Dennis, Oklahoma

Simple Insurance and Credit Help

Having adequate insurance coverage and maintaining a good credit score may not make friends and influence people, but they will sure come in handy during some of the big moments in your life both good (like buying your first home or getting behind the wheel of your first new car) and bad (like your first accident in a new car or when your new home catches fire).  If you are exploring a deed in lieu be sure to first pull your credit report and see the credit impact.

We demystify these areas of your life and put you in control.

"This is the most interesting and helpful information for us." James, New York

Bills.com contains service provider reviews, including:

"I really benefitted from your info on how to fix credit" Ricky, Michigan

Simple Money Help

In the words of our Founder, Brad Stroh, “Bills.com was created to simplify money decisions.”

And we’re sticking to that vision — we are a passionate group that works hard to bring transparency and empowerment to you with simple money help. We have helped American families with over $100 billion in money decisions!  Let us help you next!

Start with a fun exercise right off the bat, and try our "Ways to Save" widget.  It's fun and you just might be surprised at how small decisions can make big impacts on  your financial future.  Check it out here:  Ways to Save

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