Bank of America Foreclosure & Mortgage Modification

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  • ML
    Jul, 2011
    Malpractice? The mortgage industry has been rocked by scandal and terrible financial problems in the last few years. The scandals exposed malpractice at some of the nations' largest mortgage lenders. The mortgage malpractices, and the resulting regulatory fees and lawsuits, has been costing those institutions. Large financial institutions, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, are paying out billions to settle the issue.
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  • HJ
    Aug, 2010
    See a lawyer immediately! They are in violation of Federal law by filing a Foreclosure suit while you are applying for a loan modification. I just had a similar issue occur,and the lawyer is filing a rebuttle to dismiss the case based on this and this alone.
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  • 35x35
    Jul, 2010
    Bank of America assured me that while the workout was ongoing, the foreclosure would be postponed. There were multiple confirmations yet contact with the bank attorney office stated Bank of America never requested a postponement. File a complaint with the OCC. They will provide a case number within 48 hours. Request copies of the Bank of America communication notes. A bank supervisor informed me the bank runs separate computer software for the representative who deal with the public, while they pursue foreclosure. Go to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and input your home address. If they bought your loan from BOA, they guarantee to pay Bank of America the entire loan...then they go after you for what they pay the bank.
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