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About Discover Home Loans

Discover Home Loans recently entered the mortgage origination business. They are backed by Discover Financial Services, one of the financial service giants in the US. Discover Financial Services now offers home loans, in addition to credit cards, student loans, and personal loans, all marketed with the Discover name. Based on the excellent systems across their business lines, Discover Home Loans should be another successful Discover venture.

Riverwoods, IL
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Discover Home Loans is a wholly owned subsidiary of Discover Financial Services. Discover Home Loans offer fixed-rate and variable mortgage loans for purchase and refinance. They focus on prime and FHA borrowers. Discover Home Loans started originating mortgages in 2012.


Ability to offer a full range of financial services. Offers a "Close on Time Guarantee."


Discover Home Loans entered the mortgage origination business in 2012.

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