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About Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

High marks for customer service and choice of products. They've developed a great brand and work hard to protect it. They are clearly a great option for anyone with good credit and looking for a good rate.

San Francisco, CA
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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a leader in home loans, the largest mortgage lender in the USA. They provide a full range of home financing packages to meet a variety of needs. A responsible lending leader, Wells Fargo works closely with customers to help them understand their home financing options, so they can make informed home financing decisions. Also, as part of the Wells Fargo & Company family, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage can provide easy access to banking, insurance, investment, and consumer finance services. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.


Great customer service, exceptional products, national presence, strong management, good rates - a large home mortgage provider


Long hold times, inflexible programs, sometimes bureaucratic

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by | June 7, 2014
Purchased a home in March of 2009 with Wachovia and loved Wachovia never had a problem nothing. For 3months in 2009 the state of pa did not pay any of the state employees including my husband Wachovia worked with us and when he was paid we paid the 3months they let us go on. Everything was taken care of then WELLS FARGO took Wachovia over. They repaid the taxes we paid and when we made a payment they were applying it to someone else home and took my home. They would not work with us nothing said "deal w/it"

Worst bank ever! Stay away from it...

by | April 9, 2014
Hear the word wells fargo...just run as fast as you can...Have an 815 credit rating , no mortgage on my home, 600000 in stocks and bonds with wells Fargo advisers, as well as checking account, no credit card debt, but could not get a home equity loan of 40000...... Have been with this bank 12 years.....I am in the process of finding another bank to move everything .....Really wells Fargo,,,Really...


by | March 6, 2014
I am appalled to read the description that Wells Fargo gives for themselves and their services. It is completely opposite to the truth. 3 years later I am still dealing with my loan modification. The questions that I get from their bank makes me think that they purposely must be acting dumb because they ask elementary school level questions. Some were about how to read my 'way too organized Quickbooks P&L" (as they put it). They didn't know how to read an outline. Needless to say they deserve 0 stars!!!

appraisal rip off

by | February 21, 2014
When mortgage rates rose, Wells Fargo blocked our attempt to refinance our mortgage by refusing to correct the more than 20 factual errors in their appraisal. Wells Fargo charged $500 for the appraisal, but they contracted with a low-cost appraiser to do the work. She did not walk around the comparables because she incorrectly listed three of them as walkout basements. A two-story short sale was the main comparable for a ranch. On line estimates for the property were 25% to 50% higher.

What The HECK!!!!!!!!!!

by | February 3, 2014
my wife and I were using WELLS FARGO to purchase a new home in Florida, a FANNIE MAE foreclosure, we submitted all paperwork required by WELLS FARGO, on time every time and most times before it was even requested, WELLS FARGO pre qualified us they gave us a commitment letter, then just before closing they backed out of financing us now FANNIE MAE refuses to refund our Deposit, THANKS GUYS!!! You OWE us $3000,00 a check is acceptable

Wells mortgate lender 's the bad ....bad mortgate company in the US.

by | September 26, 2013
Wells mortgate from the broker to the underwriter they work so slow with no experience that not professional for the big bank like wellsfargo. And the underwriter they is the trouble maker, useless .they don't know what to do ,they work for 1 question a day . when pepple submit the paper work they need , they wait to the next day to work on that. my experience with wells so bad , I never ever use wells or recomand to any 1 I know to use there lender mortgate. Do the research before you step in.

Wells Fargo Home Carnage

by | September 10, 2013
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage? Don't bother with these obfuscators. After agreeing to a package deal in which they would refi my house (with literally millions in free-floating equity) and simultaneously also finance a loan on a condo in Miami, they continued to delay and delay the Miami deal until I was forced to close the refi without the Miami deal closing.They delayed the deal beyond the contract deadline, reneging three times on a written agreement from themselves. Forget these charlatans


by | September 5, 2013
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Truly Terrible.

by | August 31, 2013
Same comment as everybody else. In Pennsylvania doing a refi. Started in April 2013, it's now Sept. and still not done. Customer service is unreachable, paperwork after paperwork. Phone calls and emails go unanswered. A horrible experience!

Horrid customer service

by | August 28, 2013
This is the only lender I know that gave me so much grief. First of all, they do NOT give you a pre-approval. They ask you to find a house first and they try to 'fit' you there. The appraisal done by WF was the sales price of the house when other sites said that house is worth $55K less. WF said we do not qualify N now we have no place to move to. WF blamed us N said "pick a house and provide them all the documents all over" if we want pre-approval. We lost approx $3000 and still have no place to go to

What a joke

by | August 19, 2013
Have a mortgage with Wells Fargo. Perfect payment history, high credit score. Wanted to refinance. After months of work, hundreds of submitted pages of paperwork, and the expense of appraisal, they cancelled the loan application. They never told us this; had to file a complaint through the consumer protection bureau to learn even this much. They dropped the ball with revolving door loan officers. Our application was handed around and around until it was eventually lost. Sheer incompetence. DON'T BOTHER!

I have a mortgage with wells fargo,that is under water they modified it in 2007

by | August 18, 2013
both me and my wife was not working a full time job at the time,they modified my mortgage to ajust the interest rate every year,7 year now they told me they cannot lock me in a fix rate it getting hard to keep up please someone help tony case

Truth in Lending (Regulation Z) is excuse for denial.

by | August 16, 2013
Great credit, excellent financials, and I have had two Wells Fargo Mortgage offices now tell me that it is Regulation Z that is keeping me from obtaining a construction loan. Regulation Z is the Truth in Lending regulation of 2008. There is nothing in that law that states "a home must be built on raw land" or that "you cannot reside on the property to be used for construction of a new home at the time of loan origination." Honestly and truly, those are the reasons I have been given!

Don't Bother with Wells Fargo!

by | August 16, 2013
Had a horrible experience assisting our adult child applying for a mortgage or home improvement loan, and we were co-signing. Over 30% down, loan about $55k, total annual income to loan was about 175%, great credit ratings for all of us, husband and I don't have a loan/mortgage on our house. Denied- really disappointed because had heard great things about Wells Fargo loans. Do not waste your time trying to get a loan through them!

Who are these "mysterious" underwriters?

by | July 5, 2013
Sheesh! My husband and I are 28-yr homeowners with 814 credit scores, no debt (except the house), and verifiable income. We have never been late on any payment EVER. We applied one month ago for a small line-of-credit to finance a swimming pool. Here we are waiting.....the pool is 1/2 done, all the paperwork has been in for well over 3 weeks, approved, and the "underwriter" has moved the closing date another 2 weeks away. Had it been a car loan, we'd have been driving it for a month! Really awful.

Appalling incompetence

by | June 14, 2013
Stay away from Wells Fargo at all costs. I spent the last four months trying to close a HARP refi with a loan processor named Adam Zaragoza. I might as well have been dealing with the DMV in Nigeria. Adam declined to return my calls or answer my emails, and kept upping the ante for pointless extra bits of paperwork. It felt like deliberate foot-dragging. I reluctantly agreed to buy their appraisal for $560... big mistake, because Adam then ran out the clock. I had to call HIM to find this out. Stay away!

Gross Incompetents & Deceitfulness

by | June 10, 2013
How does one begin to describe such contemptuously impertinent individuals such as those working for Wells Fargo? Permit me to make an audacious attempt to do so. And remember, truth is an absolute defense. Wells Fargo employees clearly lack integrity, honesty, loyalty and morals. They’re unethical undesirables and immensely imbecilic. Unreturned phone calls, repeated roadblocks, misrepresentations, inconsistencies & lost documentation speak volumes of this institution. Avoid them at all costs!!!!!!!

Loan Modification=Refi

by | June 6, 2013
We have been trying to get a refi or loan modification from these zombies for 2o months and still have gotten nowhere. Their "specialist" never returns calls and if you do get someone to talk to, they know nothing. I really believe they hire idiots just to get you frustrated and give up. The incompetence is deplorable. I would love to tell the entire story of my nightmare with these clowns but it really would take much more then the space allotted to this rant. DO NOT GO TO THESE CROOKS, THEY SUCK ...

Common Sense Dictates

by | May 31, 2013
We are trying to purchase a condo in Orlando, FL. We have excellent credit scores of 814 & 812, verifiable sources of income, verifiable liquid funds from bank & credit union Statements, verifiable $5,000 earnest deposit, verifiable 20% down payment, 2 existing WF Home Mortgages with verifiable on-time payment histories of 6 years & 4 years and we've even received a commitment letter. Now they need original documents resubmitted constantly. Absolutely ridiculous nonsense is BS and will hinder our closing.

Seven months for a simple re-finance...

by | May 29, 2013
Like other reports, our re-finance took way too long (7 months) to complete. Our previous re-fi with Wells in 2010 took 35 days. Nothing had changed, except Wells. Absolutely terrible performance by Wells. And, despites numerous attempts to "help" Wells do the right thing, they repeatedly stiff-armed us. Based on our experience, we'd strongly encourage those looking to re-fi to go elsewhere. AVOID WELLS!

Slow and repetative

by | May 28, 2013
I am in the middle of trying to get a FHA 203 rehabilitation loan and so far it is looking like what everyone else is saying. They keep asking for the SAME DOCUMENTS ! Over and Over... WTF? Doesn't ANYONE there keep a copy of e-mail? Or is it deleted after a set 15 minute time frame? My interest rate has already increased because of these guys. (Oh... and why do I haveto give them a star? Not worth 1 star.)

6 months & 3 reps for a no-cost refi that cost $15,000

by | May 27, 2013
Even with a credit score well above 800 and a full-time income, WF proved unwilling to refinance my existing WF loan. After waiting six months and chasing after numerous representatives, I was told that the no-cost refinance that I qualified for would actually cost me $15,000. Given the conflicting stories that I was told as to why this was the case, it was obvious that WF had no desire to give me a loan with better terms for me. Strongly consider going elsewhere for a mortgage or plan to be scammed.

refinance of existing loan

by | May 23, 2013
Warning! If you are a loyal customer of wells Fargo, excellent credit history, guaranteed income for 4 years...DO NOT REFINANCE YOUR EXISTING WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE! I have to say "I was warned"! Started on 1-23-13... Not quite finished yet! I have never heard so many excuses! Closed 7 days ago and still nit finished... I finally came out and accused WF of deliberately trying to delay to earn more interest from my soon to be old loan... I just sent an email asking ...if "funded" whose account did it fund?

Follow-up post: 2nd attempt at WF refi successful!

by | May 22, 2013
Though my 1st Wells Fargo refi attempt (posted about here Dec 2012) was slow, terrible, and ultimately unsuccessful, had a much different experience during my current (2nd attempt) refi with them. I took Jan - Mar of 2013 to pay down some debt (increasing my credit score) and solidified my income situation (converted long-term contract job into salaried position), started the 2nd attempt refi process mid-March, and am closing tomorrow (May 23, 2013). Much improved experience and only 2 month turnaround! :)

Hated to even give them a poor rate

by | May 18, 2013
Four months in underwriting, with excellent credit, income etc. ask the same redundant questions over and over again with a new spin. All they have to do is open their eyes, it's all there! My husband has been working 41-2 hrs away from me renting a room, while I gave 6 wks notice to my work. Back in FEBRUARY. HERE I SIT IN MY HOME IN MYRTLE BEACH, HE IN GREENVILLE and just yesterday our lender states " still waiting to hear back from underwriting! Wells Fargo is terrible at refinance loans.

Refinance Hell. Don't even bother with these idiots

by | May 17, 2013
REFINANCE START DATE: 01/14/13 END DATE?? ITS NOW: 05/17/13 They have pulled my credit twice. I thought since I had my loan with them that it would be a smooth process with the HARP program. I believe they are just trying to delay the process so they can keep my existing rate. I am on my 3rd person that is handling my Refinance and received a call today that my rate was going to expire if I didn't get them the documents they needed (after they were requested earlier in the day). STAY AWAY!!!

Don't waste your time and energy.

by | May 8, 2013
I started my refinance on March 1st. I've been impressed with all the bankers at the local branches every time I was there. Long story short. Their refinance process is very slow. After 6 weeks. The appraisal came in very low, so I disputed it. My Realtor friend also agree that it's way too low. But Wells Fargo said it's correct and wants me to put down $20K. I went with another lender, a week later; new appraisal came in $40K more. Everything done within 3 weeks. Don't waste your time with Wells Fargo.

Don't Bother

by | April 23, 2013
I have a 780 credit score, zero debt, $16,000 in a savings account and a good paying job. I got started getting a loan through them and everything looked easy till they questioned my deposits into my savings account. I didn't want to get hit with $30 transfer fees so I withdrew the money from one atm and drove it over to the other bank and deposited it.I have proof of all of these transactions and they still want to call it mattress money,now they won't let me use half of it and I am about to lose the house


by | April 18, 2013
After applying for a refi in early Jan. 2013 I have been given more run around and BS than I have ever imagined possible in over 45 years of buying, owning and selling homes. They cannot for the life of them decide what they want for documents and paperwork. Every few days I get a phone call with a message from the underwriter asking for something new. I get it to them within hours of their request and they disappear for a few days only to come back with a new request. In short, they suck

Refi Horror

by | March 20, 2013
Like many others I approached WF about refinancing not one but two income properties. After what is not (really) 8 months of BS, little or no communication, double and triple paperwork, my wife being harassed by phone calls at work, my accountant asking me to have WF stop calling her and finally outright lies from Paul Martinez in Tempe AZ....they tell me that they can't seem to take the loan as there is little market for a one bedroom home. Really? You had no problem financing it when we bought it. AVOID


by | March 6, 2013
Wells Fargo is by far the most shady home loan agency I worked with. I began to process my loan with them after being promised terms that they ended up not being able to deliver, they were able to impact my ability to get another home loan through another company because they kept it on file and I showed as having two existing loans. It took two weeks to finally get it cancelled. Just goes to show that when it is not in their best interest, it is their last priority.

Horrible Customer Service

by | March 1, 2013
My husband and I recently bought a new home and tried to use Wells Fargo as our lender. We were assigned Wesley Banagas as our lender. In the beginning he was very knowledgeable. However after dealing with them for 7 months we chose a different lender. Our paperwork was lost numerous times and there was horrible communication from the lender about what he needed from us. In the end the underwriter denied our loan due to our work commute being too far away. I feel that they wasted our time!

Refinancing with Wells Fargo Bank is a waste of time!!!

by | February 10, 2013
I recently tried to refinance with Wells Fargo Bank and all they did was keep asking for duplicate paperwork as they tried to stonewall me to the point were my paperwork had expired. it does not surprise me because as a minority I knew they wouldn't be looking out for my best interest anyway. They simply want to appear that they are conforming to the governments lawsuit against them as they go through the motions. 1/2 star for them. 6 months, good credit and no results!! useless Bank I moved on.

Refi process took 6 months and then I was denied

by | December 14, 2012
Started refi process with Wells Fargo in June - always handled everything on my end promptly but apparently their underwriting dept. is somewhat overwhelmed so it just took forever for the underwriter to get to my case. Finally got the call today that I was denied based on my debt to income ratio. Seems inappropriate that it should take 6 months in underwriting if the denial response was based on something so basic as debt-to-income ratio.

Mortgage and refinancing

by | December 8, 2012
Arizona - Applied for a loan and let WF know all detalils up front. Loan officer said underwriter told her no problem with the loan. We lost the house. Loan denied after sitting in WF office for 30 days and had to be closed in 45. Letters written and complaints made by naturally no satisfactory response. We re-fi'd our loan. Took 3 mos on house that WF holder of mortgage and never late on payments. Underwriters overdocumented refi approval. Why is there never any consequences for lack of competency?

Waiting on underwriters

by | November 27, 2012
The loan officer has not answered his office phone once since I signed the loan agreement. E-mails and telephone messages go unanswered for days and often longer than a week. The response is always the same our underwriters are extremely backed up. When signing the loan agreement I was told it wouldn't take any longer than 60 days, after 150 days I have yet to close!! My advice to you is seek financing elsewhere Wells Fargo loan customer service in Conway, SC sucks!!

Worst loan officer ever

by | April 20, 2012
I have been a Realtor for many years and have worked with countless loan officers. Wells Fargo in San Antonio is the worst I have ever had the displeasure of having to work with. She made promises to get the loan that she knew she couldn't keep, then spent the next 8 weeks making excuses and avoiding responsibility. When she could have helped, she pushed responsibility off on other departments in Wells. She was a failure at her job.

Absolutely Terrible!!!

by | April 17, 2012
I was PREAPPROVED in Dec. My lender Jim Kubovec (out of Maple Grove office) would wait until the last minute to request anything they needed. The processer Leah Hanson would never return my calls. we waited on WF so much that the closing date was pushed back 3 times (til the middle of april). FINALLY my loan was approved FOUR DAYS AFTER MY PURCAHSE AGREEMENT EXPIRED! I lost this house because WF could not get their act together FOR FIVE MONTHS and the seller couldnt wait any longer. waste of time and money.

Wells Fargo Cheating their customer for Loan. Never take loan from WellFargo They will Trap you.

by | April 6, 2012
I have applied for Refinance at Wells fargo. My loan processing officer was answering my phone message once in a week. First month I was begging her to start processing my loan so I can get better rate but she wait until last days. Than she went to vacation when my lock was expiring. So I called team manager He didn't answer phone or email(even his answering machine was telling that for better service email). I have to pay rate extensional because they didn't process lone and rate went up. They trap me.

No Wonder They Have Lawsuits Against Them

by | March 27, 2012
Wells Fargo lost some of my payments and after showing them bankstatements still chargeed me late fees and other charges on those months. They put me in foreclosure for months I never missed they are the worst

If there was an option for negative stars... And more than only 511 characters...

by | March 23, 2012
We have been in the process of buying a home now since August 2011... After bank approval our Home Mortgage Consultant from Wells Fargo Wilmington NC, screwed up our paperwork... and to not bring attention to his own faulty actions, has just tried to proceed with SOP's.. Now a month later, this "professional" keeps emailing with a whole roller coaster of BS... repetitvely receiving your approved!! "Really!" then well the loan has yet to go to final approval... PLEASE... NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK.

Dealing with Wells Fargo is like yelling into a black hole.

by | March 15, 2012
My husband has a loan with Wells Fargo. He lost his job last year and we fell behind on the mortgage. Wells Fargo did allow us to go onto a repayment plan which raised our mortgage payment about 900 a month. I was then injured at work which made that extra money an impossibility. Now that he's working two jobs and I'm back at work, we want to get back on a repayment plan. He started calling once a week to try to talk to our loan preservation specialist, Heather Brazen (sp?) and she never returned his phone call. So we got a default letter in the mail and ever since then, Ive taken the reins and I've called EVERY DAY to try and reach someone to at least tell us if we can get back on a repayment plan. Everyday, we hear the same thing. Heather's the only one who can help us. I started calling twice a day and the reps always say the same thing. "I'll send an email to Heather and her supervisor, Erin Fogle, marked urgent and they'll get back to you within 48 hours." Well, 48 hours has now turned into 2 weeks. So today, we got a phone call from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I was excited that we were going to be able to get some answers. HOWEVER, it was just a random call from their call center rep (I christened her Snide Jessica) who auto-dials people who are behind on their mortgage. I told her our situation and she said, "You guys will need to talk to your Home Preservation Specialist, Heather." We want to stay in the home. We want to try to work this out. We are behind $6700 on our mtg. I told them we can give them 5 grand today if they can work with us on the rest. They won't do it. They tell us just talk to this mysterious "woman behind the curtain", Heather. Dealing with Wells Fargo is like yelling into a black hole. They will not help you. They don't care. Do NOT get a loan with them.

Tried to refinance our current home and buy a vacation home with the savings

by | February 29, 2012
I wouldn't even know what the true Rates we qualified for are because our rep continued changing everything and at the end of the process she couldn't back up a single thing she told us. VERY DISAPPOINTED with the customer service and lack of knowledge of this rep. Her number kept changing, she would sit on documents and then expect we act fast. We determined to cancel since she was mucking up every detail 2 weeks before closing on our refi. What a waste of time and disappointments. Thanks Wells Fargo!

I can't believe the delays

by | January 27, 2012
My father had a reverse mortgage and passed almost 5 months ago. I have been trying and trying to deed the house to Wells Fargo in lieu of foreclosure. They keep asking for the same thing over and over. Very frustrating.

Wells Fargo has Good Refinance Rates.

by | January 20, 2012
Wells Fargo has Good Refinance Rates and is a solid mortgage lender.

Deceitful, horrible, frustrating, and painful dealing with Wells Fargo

by | January 19, 2012
My mother had a Wells Fargo reverse Mortgage. When she died, Wells Fargo is delaying taking the house for 1 1/2 years blaming HUD. Communication is next to impossible and they out and out lie. They aren't living up to their agreement. Meanwhile the additional costs are in the thousands of dollars. I have had or ran 7 businesses and have never found such an unethical company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO!

Wells Fargo is the best lender in California

by | January 11, 2012
Wells Fargo has a long mortgage lendign history in California and treats all of its customers like trusted clients.

I give Wells Fargo a thumbs up!

by | January 9, 2012
Wells Fargo did not become the largest mortgage loan company in the country by not doing a good job by their customers, so I give Wells Fargo a thumbs up.

Couldn't be worse!

by | September 12, 2011
I have had a Wells Fargo loan for 11 years and not once have I ever received even acceptable customer service. They do nothing to help work out a problem and their shoddy record keeping almost cost me my home! If I had it to do again I would not EVER bank with, or get a loan from Wells Fargo. Do yourself a favor and do not do business with them.

Wells Fargo - Home Loan Refinance

by | February 17, 2011
Wells Fargo is the worst when it comes to refinancing an existing loan!!!! My history: I have been with Wells Fargo bank since 1986 and they currently carry the mortgage on my primary residence. In December I went to Wells Fargo to investigate refinancing a piece of investment property I own. The current appraised value of the property is $550K and the total amount owed is $135K. I have good credit, a good credit score, no late payments, no bankruptcies. Sounds like a slam dunk. On 1/4/11, I submitted my loan docs to my local Wells Fargo bank in Simi Valley, CA. It was reviewed in the branch by the Home Mortgage Consultant who then sent it on to underwriting. Within 2-3 days, underwriting asked for 2008 taxes which I sent over within 2 days. Next underwriting asked for an explanation of deductions on 2009 taxes, schedule E. Within 1 day I respond. Next underwriting asks for an explanation of the only derogatory statement on my credit report ($230). I immediately e-mail the response to my Home Mortgage Consultant. Next underwriting wants copies of my bank statements indicating rent deposits. I respond immediately. Next Wells Fargo underwriting wants proof of the security deposit. Within one day I provide a copy of my checking account statement indicating this deposit. Next underwriting wants a copy of the security deposit check given to me from the tenant. I comply within 2 days and at this point I tell my Home Mortgage Consultant this is getting old. Next the underwriter asks for copies of the rent check for the last three months. I get this information to the Mortgage Consultant in one day and ask him if the underwriter in inept. In my mind, this person is incompetent and does not know what she is doing. I would think she would have had the common since to ask for ALL the banking statements and rental information at once. To his credit the, Mortgage Consultant did call the underwriters supervisor and complained. But, to no avail. So as it stands now, I call my Mortgage Consultant every other day asking the status of the loan and all he says is that is just setting with the underwriter. Apparently, new home loans take priority over refinances. If I had known this going in, I would have gone somewhere else. In the mean time interest rates have gone up a ½ a point and here I set. I am ready to cancel the process and find a loan broker who can get it done in 30 days. Thank god I am not one of the thousands of people who are trying to work out a deal with these idiots at Wells while dealing with the pressure of losing my house. Your Loyal Customer Christopher B.

Unresponsive and not dealing in good faith

by | January 23, 2011
After more than 7 months of delays and unanswered calls, our loan is still pending. My experience is a long string of unresponsive personnel who pass the buck to a multitude of other departments. However, they never actually call the other departments and often do not answer calls.