Social Security Overpaid Me $18K & Now Wants It Back

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  • HJ
    May, 2014
    When legal counsel is billed at hundreds of dollars an hour, it seems both cruel and ridiculous to continually suggest that people should talk to an attorney in a storm of financial catastrophe. Especially when lawyers oft times are only successful in collecting their fees. As for legal aid? Well, speaking of ridiculous.
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  • KD
    Feb, 2014
    How do you find someone who has experience dealing with Social Security disputes on overpayments?
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  • TG
    Apr, 2012
    We had an agreement with s.s.d.i. for the supposed overpayment. We have it in writing, now they stopped his pay saying they are going to take it all until it is p.d., or he retires. I thought an agreement was a agreement,especially where we have it on paper. Can they do this?
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  • DV
    Mar, 2012
    My husband was injured as a child and apparently began receiving benefits in 1996 when he was 8.Because he was a minor his mother's name was on all the checks. He never personally received any money. He had a terrible childhood so he left when he was 17. Now he is 23 and they are saying that he owes over $18,000.We have already filed to have it waived and explained that he has not lived at the address they sent everything since 2006 and never signed any of the checks so his mother must have it, but they told us that he is still responsible because he should've had her name removed after turning 18. Can they hold someone who received benefits as a minor responsible when they turn 18 even if they had no idea that the checks were being sent? Please help.
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  • DM
    Feb, 2012
    The amount of people that get overpaid (lots of them), seems like social security is just throwing the money out the windows, I think they should have a law suit thrown on them to straighten up there act. They dont know what they are doing and didnt even realize they were overpaying me, I had to tell them. I am demanding that they stop overpaying me, it takes them forever to do anything. Its ridiculous how they run this business. They dont know what they are doing, different answers from each one of em. I would suggest you get a receipt every time you turn info into them saying what it was you turned into them. They are telling me I didnt notify them of BWC payments, I did! Its ridiculous how they operate. Somebody needs to check them. I would be glad to help out if there is a lawsuit, not for the money but to make the country run better!
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