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Second Mortgage RateMay 10, 2024
Second mortgages can save you money if the rate for the first mortgage is high and you can't refinance it.
Libor ARMMay 10, 2024
Libor ARM | Libor ARMs depend on London InterBank offers to adjust your mortgage rate and still have some risk.
Coalition against home down paymentMar 22, 2011
A coalition of housing organizations and consumer advocates protested a hike in the required down payment for home mortgages.
Mortgage PrepaymentNov 17, 2010
Making extra mortgage payments will decrease your balance faster so you can capitalize on today's low rates.
Buying a Home in Today's MarketNov 17, 2010
Undervalued homes, low interest rates, and less competition make now an ideal time to buy a home.
Locking Your Mortgage Interest Rate: A Good StrategyNov 15, 2010
Lock your interest rate now before rates increase.