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Home Equity Loan vs Cash-Out Refinance: Which Is Better?

Erik MartinOctober 20, 2022

How does a cash-out refinance work vs a home equity loan? Learn which loan is better to take cash out of your home

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How to Calculate a HELOC Payment

Erik MartinOctober 19, 2022

Learn how to calculate a HELOC payment during the draw period and the repayment phase.

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How Does A Cash-Out Refinance Work?

Erik MartinOctober 11, 2022

Cash-out refinancing is a way to change the terms of your mortgage and take cash out of your home with one loan. Learn how cash-out refinancing works and when it’s a good idea.

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Can You Use a Home Equity Loan for Business?

Erik MartinOctober 10, 2022

A home equity loan can be an excellent small business loan for certain business owners. However, borrowers can lose their homes if their business fails and they cannot afford the home equity loan payments.

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How Do HELOC Interest Rates Change?

Erik MartinSeptember 11, 2022

Most HELOCs have variable interest rates. When and how do interest rates change on a HELOC? Learn how to manage Home Equity Line of Credit interest rate changes.

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Can You Use a HELOC for a Business?

Erik MartinSeptember 5, 2022

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) can be a good small business loan for certain business owners. However, borrowers can lose their homes if their business fails and they cannot afford the loan payments.

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HELOC Refinance

Erik MartinAugust 23, 2022

There are several reasons to refinance a HELOC – pay less interest, get more time to pay, or change a variable rate to a fixed rate. Learn how to refinance a HELOC.

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Cash Out Refinance

Erik MartinAugust 16, 2022

A Cash out refinance lets you change your current mortgage terms and receive more money. You can lower your interest, get more affordable payments, and use...

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HELOC Calculator: Determine How Much You Can Borrow and Calculate Your HELOC Payment

Use's HELOC calculator to estimate the amount you can borrow and your monthly payments. The amount you can borrow with a HELOC loan depends on your equity...

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What is a Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan allows you to use your home as a source to take out cash. Learn how to calculate your home equity value and compare a home equity loan to...

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How Does a Home Equity Loan Work?

Peter WardenJune 12, 2022

Learn how home equity loans work, how much can you borrow with a home equity loan and how to apply for a home equity loan.

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Is Home Equity Loan Interest Tax Deductible?

Rebecca LakeJune 12, 2022

You may be able to deduct home equity loan interest on your taxes. Learn when home equity loan interest is tax-deductible.

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How to Get a Home Equity Loan

Peter WardenJune 12, 2022

How to get a home equity loan? Learn how to shop for a home equity loan and apply for a home equity loan,

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HELOC vs Home Equity Loan

HELOC vs home equity loan: which is better? Learn the differences between home equity loans and HELOCs.

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Home Equity Loan Refinance

Peter WardenJune 8, 2022

What is a home equity loan refinance? Learn how to refinance a home equity loan.

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Home Equity Loan Requirements

Erik MartinJune 6, 2022

Home equity loan requirements vary by lenders. However most lenders require a good credit score and a loan to value ration that doesn't exceed 85%, including your current mortgage.

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How to Get a Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

Erik MartinJune 5, 2022

To get a home equity loan with bad credit, you’ll need significant home equity and a good source of income. Expect higher interest rates and loan fees but you can...

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Home Equity Improvement Loans

Erik MartinJune 4, 2022

There are several types of home improvement loans. You may choose from home equity loans, HELOCs, cash-out refinancing, and personal loans. Your best choice depends on...

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Home Equity Loan

Rebecca LakeMay 3, 2022

Learn how to get and use a home equity loan, home equity loan interest rates and closing costs. Compare home equity loans to cash-out refinancing.

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What is a HELOC and how does a HELOC work. Learn how to get a HELOC and how much you can borrow with a HELOC, then find best HELOC lenders and...

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Home Equity

Richard BarringtonApril 26, 2022

Home equity guide: What is home equity, how to use home equity, borrowing against home equity, and how to choose your best home equity...

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Use Equity for Home Improvements

Daniel CohenAugust 8, 2019

Home improvement projects can be expensive. Choose the right way to pay for your home improvement project using the equity in your home. A HELOC offers you the

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Trends in Home Equity Loans 2019

Betsalel CohenApril 28, 2019

Home Equity Loan Trends 2019 | Learn about how rising home prices and fluctuating interest rates affect your choices to tap into home equity. With...

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Best Home Equity Loan Rates

Betsalel CohenApril 21, 2019

Home Equity Loan Rates vary based on your credit score and the loan-to-value ratio. You can lock into a fixed rate or take a variable rate with...

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Choose a Home Equity Loan

Betsalel CohenApril 15, 2019

Choosing a Home Equity Loan Calculator helps you find the right type of loan. Do you want to refinance your current mortgage, take out a lump sum, or maybe...

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Home Equity Loan Calculator

Betsalel CohenApril 15, 2019

Use Home Equity Loan Calculator to find out how much money you can borrow against your home, your monthly payment, and the total Loan-to-Value ratio.

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Five Cash-Out Mortgage Tips

Betsalel CohenOctober 16, 2018

Get five cash-out refinance tips from a veteran mortgage professional. Stay in tune with market changes and take advantage of higher home prices, low...

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Cash-Out Refinance in New Jersey

Betsalel CohenSeptember 29, 2018

A Cash-out Refinance in New Jerseyis a viable alternative for many homeowners. If you need more cash, then consider using your home equity and get low...

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Qualifying for a Cash-Out Mortgage

Betsalel CohenSeptember 29, 2018

Qualifying for a cash-out mortgage requires sufficient equity in your home. You will need good to excellent credit to qualify for a high LTV cash-out, but there

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Cash-Out Refinance in Arizona

Betsalel CohenSeptember 4, 2018

A Cash-out Refinance in Arizona is a viable alternative for many homeowners. If you need more cash, then consider using your home equity and get low...

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Betsalel CohenAugust 30, 2018

Use Cash Out Refinance Calculator to see how much equity you have in your home, how much you can add to your existing mortgage, and what the new...

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Reasons to do a Cash-out Refinance

Betsalel CohenAugust 30, 2018

One popular reason to take out a cash-out refinance mortgage is debt consolidation. Other common reasons households use built up equity in their home are home i

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2018 Cash Out Refinance Options

Betsalel CohenFebruary 4, 2018

Rising home prices, low mortgage rates, and improving economic situation offers a great opportunity to use a cash out mortgage refinance to save money and...

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Is My HELOC a Recourse or Non-Recourse Loan in California?

Daniel CohenJune 30, 2015

I know my first mortgage is a non-recourse loan. But what about my HELOC? Also, how does the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act help me?

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Infographic - Home Remodeling By The Numbers

Rotem SegalJanuary 30, 2015

An infographic unveiling the home remodeling projects with the best return on investment. Check out the Hall of Fame for even more fun facts.

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Appraisal LTV & HELOC

Daniel CohenSeptember 27, 2012

Appraisal LTV and HELOC | There are different types of appraisals that a lender may require. The appraisal's value affects your LTV and how much cash you...

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Home Improvement Loans | Learn, Plan, and Shop

Betsalel CohenMay 20, 2012

Home Improvement Loan Information | Whether you take a home improvement loan for personal or financial gains, learn about the types of loans and what you need..

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home equity consolidation loan fees

Mark CappelJanuary 11, 2012

Discover what home equity consolidation loan fees you can expect with this type of loan and what these fees are for. Information from - Find.Learn.Sav

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Can a bank cancel my HELOC

Daniel CohenAugust 29, 2010

Free information about the difference between a frozen HELOC and a cancelled HELOC

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Subordinate HELOC to refi

Daniel CohenJuly 28, 2010

It can be tricky to get your lender to agree to subordinate your loan. Read some free tips on home loan refinancing and subordination of your HELOC, such as...

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HELOC Payment

Mark CappelJuly 22, 2010

Late-Pct wayments on HELOC | There is no standard HELOC contraith consistent terms and conditions. A HELOC from (for example) Bank of America may have...

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What Can I Do if I Was Denied a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Mark CappelJanuary 11, 2010

What can I do if I was denied a home equity line of credit?

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Dealing with a Mortgage & HELOC in Probate

Mark CappelAugust 25, 2009

My spouse died and was the mortgage holder. How can I settle with the bank if my name is not on the note?

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Car Purchase & Home Equity Loan

Mark CappelJuly 7, 2008

Learn about the pros and cons of using your home equity to puchase a car. Find. Learn. Save, at

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Adjustable Rate Home Equity Loan

Mark CappelJune 2, 2008

Get all the information and resources you need, to help you save on your home equity loan, at

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Home Equity Loan to Consolidate Debt

Mark CappelMay 5, 2008

See when it makes sense to go for a home equity loan in order to consolidate debt. Get more money tips at

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Will a large unused HELOC hurt your credit?

Mark CappelFebruary 23, 2008

Read more to learn about how an unused equity line of credit (HELOC) can influence your credit. Get information, tips and resources all in one place at Bills.c

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Mortgage or HELOC to Remodel Home

Mark CappelNovember 19, 2007

See what type of home loans are suited for senior citizens. gives you a wealth of information on mortgages.

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Consequences of Home Equity Loan Default

Mark CappelNovember 6, 2007

Learn about consequences of defaulting on a home equity loan and what the usual process is at

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Home Equity Line of Credit Advice

Mark CappelSeptember 19, 2007

Thinking about a home equity line of credit (HELOC) has some valuable advice.

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