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Mark Cappel

Mark Cappel has edited magazines, web sites, and books for IBM, IDG, and Prentice Hall for the last 25 years. He earned a degree in law in 2006, and puts his law school lessons and editing experience to work every day in creating content for that is accurate legally, yet easy to understand. When he's not in front of a computer, Mark is an amateur actor, a swordsman, and a Gate Dept. volunteer at Burning Man.

Bad Credit LendersJul 17, 2024
Private Lenders for Bad Credit | You have two good options if you have bad credit and need a loan. If you are a home owner, beware hard-money lenders, who...
Mortgage AnalysisJul 17, 2024
Mortgage Analysis | Before taking a mortgage loan make sure that your analyze your financial situation carefully. If your sole source of income is Soc. Sec...
Consolidate Student Loan With MortgageJul 17, 2024
Consolidate Student Loan & Mortgage | You may be able to pay off your student loan with a mortgage refinance, but not a construction loan. Start by checking...
Joint TenancyJul 17, 2024
Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship | It means all persons listed on the have equal rights to use the property and inherit their share when an owner dies.
Resale Restriction AgreementJul 17, 2024
Learn more about the type of resale restrictions that could apply if you purchased a home classified as below market rate. Learn more about mortgages at Bills.
Characteristics of Subprime MortgagesJul 17, 2024
Read more to learn what characteristics are common to subprime mortgages. has the tips, resources and tools to help you save.
Benefits of MortgagesJul 17, 2024
Read more to learn about the benefits of a home mortgage. has has informative articles about personal finance and most of all its FREE
Early Termination of LeaseJul 17, 2024
While early termination of your lease could lower your credit score, it should not damage your credit rating to the same degree as a foreclosure on a home. Get
Delinquent Mortgage in ProbateJul 17, 2024
Get help with a delinquent mortgage in probate. See what options are available to you at Find. Learn. Save.
Consolidate All DebtJul 17, 2024
Get more information on consolidating different debts such as vehicles and personal loans.
5/1 ARM interest only mortgageJul 17, 2024
Learn what a 5/1 ARM interest only mortgage is and how it works. Get the information you need at
Bi-Monthly MortgageJul 17, 2024
If you are looking at paying your mortgage bi-monthly -- let give you the advice on Bi-Monthly Mortgage payment to save.
Pay Option ArmJul 17, 2024
Let help you find the best Option ARM for your Refinance needs so that you can get a low payment and save.
Pick a Pay Mortgage AdviceJul 17, 2024
If you have a pick a pay mortgage and want to know if you are building equity, let answer your questions so that you can SAVE!
Best Mortgage CompaniesJul 17, 2024
Let help you find the best mortgage companies for YOU!
Combining mortgagesJul 17, 2024
Learn about combining mortgages and if can do it if you have two homes.
Debt to Income RatioJul 17, 2024
Debt to Income | Debt to Income Ratio and be the difference between getting a loan or getting declined. If you get your loan, a high DTI could guarantee high...
What is DTIJul 17, 2024
What is DTI? Find out what DTI (debt to income) is and what your DTI ratio determines when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage
Debt ManagerJul 17, 2024
Looking for debt manager and debt management help? can point you in the right direction for a debt manager that will help you save!
Utility Charges After ForeclosureJul 17, 2024
Generally, a consumer who is forced to leave his or her home will contact the utility companies to have utility services such as electricity, gas, and water dis
Help with Business DebtJul 17, 2024
Let help you solve your Business Debt Problems so that you can save.
LienJul 17, 2024
What a lien means and how to free yourself from a lien. There are three types of liens: tax liens, mechanics liens, and judgment liens. To resolve a lien...
Repossessed VehicleJul 17, 2024
Learn about the process of repossession and what happens to your vehicle after it has been repossessed.
Get Out of Debt FasterJul 17, 2024
Let help you get out of debt faster.
Judgment On Credit ReportJul 17, 2024
If you need more information about judgement appearing on your credit report, has more information and useful resources.
Bad Debt SituationJul 17, 2024
If you are struggling with debts and facing a Bad Debt Situation, let help show you the way to lower your debts, cut payments and save so that you can
Thousands in DebtJul 17, 2024
Looking for the best resolution strategy for your debts? Let point you to savings.
Apply for Debt ConsolidationJul 17, 2024
A debt consolidation loan should not negatively affect your ability to obtain a mortgage loan, or harm your credit rating...
One Monthly PaymentJul 17, 2024
Looking for One Monthly Payment and a way to save on your debts? Let point you in the right direction and get you debt free fast.
Business debt help and tipsJul 17, 2024
Get free business debt help tips and advice for your company from - Find.Learn.Save.
Garnishing PensionJul 17, 2024
Government-administered benefits, such as state pensions and Social Security, cannot be garnished by a judgment. Consult with a lawyer when...
Settling DebtJul 17, 2024
Are you thinking about Settling Debt or getting debt help? Bill has the answers you need to save and settle your debts fast.
Student Loan BankruptcyJul 17, 2024
Student loans are difficult to discharge in bankruptcy. If you can't use bankruptcy to resolve your student loans, look at your other options, including...
FAFSA Loan ConsolidationJul 17, 2024
Struggling with FAFSA loans and loan limits? Let answer your FAFSA loan questions so that you can save.
Collection HarassmentJul 17, 2024
Collection Harassment | If your creditor calls your at work to collect on a debt you have options to stop those calls. You should write a letter informing...
US Debt SolutionsJul 17, 2024
The pros and cons of each debt solution or debt consolidation option and how will each affect a credit report.
Credit Card CollectionJul 17, 2024
I have a credit card that I can't afford to pay. Can the creditor seize my tax refund?
California Debt & DivorceJul 17, 2024
California Debt & Divorce | As a practical matter, even in community property states, many creditors do not go to the trouble of suing both spouses, as....
Vehicle RepossessionJul 17, 2024
If you cannot repay the loan on the vehicle you have three choices: Do nothing and face vehicle repossession; allow a voluntary repossession; or negotiate with
Co-Signed Credit Card DebtJul 17, 2024
Read on what you can do to take over responsibility for a debt that was co-signed for. blogs about real issues faced by real people.
Lexington Financial SolutionsJul 17, 2024
Lexington Financial Solutions | Lexington Financial Solutions branched out from loan modifications into the debt settlement business in 2009. They don't have...
Debt Settlement Collections After SettlementJul 17, 2024
See what you need to do after you finish a debt settlement program., your one stop resource for personal finance questions and answers.
Consolidate Debt PaymentsJul 17, 2024
Looking to consolidate debt payments and seeking debt help? has your answers to debt consolidation.
Being Sued by a CreditorJul 17, 2024
Are you being sued by a creditor? The thought of being sued can be overwhelming. A lawsuit can cause emotional and physical stress. Read on how you can protect
FICO 9 Ignores Medical CollectionsJul 17, 2024
FICO scores will soon start ignoring medical collection accounts, resulting in as much as a 25-point score increase if your credit report has medical...
Foreclosure On One Property Affect AnotherJul 17, 2024
We own two houses. If the bank forecloses on one that has a home equity loan attached to it, can the bank attach that loan to our other house?
Auto Repossession and CollectionJul 17, 2024
What can happen if my car gets repossessed?
Collection Agency, Collections Laws & Statute of LimitationsJul 17, 2024
What is my liability when a collection agency buys my debt? Learn your options and means that may allow you to avoid the debt altogether.
Citibank SettlementJul 17, 2024
Citibank has a reputation for being a sharp negotiator regarding the settlement of credit card debt. You may wish to wait until Citibank sells your collection a
Debt and Estate LawsJul 17, 2024
A decedent's debts do not automatically pass to his spouse, children, or anyone else.