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Mark Cappel

Mark Cappel

Mark Cappel has edited magazines, web sites, and books for IBM, IDG, and Prentice Hall for the last 25 years. He earned a degree in law in 2006, and puts his law school lessons and editing experience to work every day in creating content for that is accurate legally, yet easy to understand. When he's not in front of a computer, Mark is an amateur actor, a swordsman, and a Gate Dept. volunteer at Burning Man.

HMDA Map & Your Next MortgageApr 23, 2024
The CFPB's HMDA map can help you better understand the mortgage and refinance market and trends in your county. Learn what lenders seek in loan applications...
AppraisalApr 23, 2024
Much rides on an appraisal. A low appraisal can scuttle a deal, but there are steps you can take if the appraiser sets the value too low...
Fannie Mae Mortgage ReleaseApr 23, 2024
Fannie Mae's mortgage release program gives distressed homeowners the option to live in their homes for 3 months free, or lease the home. There is a catch...
7 Year ARM LoanApr 23, 2024
Learn what a 7 Year ARM Loan is and how it compares to a 30 Year Fixed Loan. Get the information you need from
Lease to Own.Apr 23, 2024
Looking for help with a lease to own transaction? Let answer your lease to own questions.
Biweekly MortgageApr 23, 2024
Bi-weekly mortgage payment | Examine whether you can save money by making a bi-weekly mortgage payment.
Bad Credit Mortgage AdviceApr 23, 2024
How, with bad credit, do I work toward securing a mortgage?
Consolidating Debt and Qualifying For A MortgageApr 23, 2024
If I consolidate my debt with a loan will this hurt my ability to get a mortgage?
Bi-Weekly and Bi-Monthly Mortgage PaymentApr 23, 2024
How do I know if a lender will allow me to do a bi-monthly mortgage?
Why is Wells Fargo Ordering an Appraisal on My Property?Apr 23, 2024
Why is my bank ordering an appraisal on my property?
Mortgage With Bad CreditApr 23, 2024
You may find a bank to issue an assumable mortgage, although this is unlikely. If the purchaser is your parent, and subsequently dies, the mortgage would be due
Chase Bank Contact InformationApr 23, 2024
I need to speak with someone regarding my Chase mortgage can you help me?
House ValueApr 23, 2024
House Value | A lender will use an appraisal report of an automated home valuation program. The tax assessment value is not reliable, so use a...
Qualify MortgageApr 23, 2024
Qualify Mortgage | To qualify for a mortgage, you need to meet a lender's basic requirement for credit score, debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value and...
House DivorceApr 23, 2024
This is one area in life where shopping is indeed the solution to your problem. Some lenders have higher closing costs on mortgage refinances than others.
Creditor callingApr 23, 2024
See what recourses you have against harassing creditor calls. Know your rights at
Debt Settlement OptionApr 23, 2024
Learn about the pros and cons of Debt Settlement as an option for debt reduction. Get more information about help with debt on
Debt Consolidation After BankruptcyApr 23, 2024
Debt consolidation is possible, even after a bankruptcy. If you built up debt, after a bankruptcy, look at all of your debt consolidation options. Begin by...
Question about Collection AgencyApr 23, 2024
Learn about the original creditor transferring debt to a third party collection agency. Get more information to help you save, at
Florida Collection LawsApr 23, 2024
Florida collection laws | A Florida court may decide to grant a judgment to the creditor. A judgment is a declaration by a court that the creditor has the...
Pay Off Credit Card DebtsApr 23, 2024
Your payment history and the amount of debt you have are key factors used in determining your credit score...
Being Sued While Deployed OverseasApr 23, 2024
Being Sued While Deployed Overseas | In most states, a creditor attempting to file a lawsuit against you is required to have you personally served with a...
Payoff Debt from Payday LenderApr 23, 2024
These small loans, often called "cash advance loans" or "check advance loans" are a frequent pitfall for consumers. Read more about what you can do to avoid thi
Being Sued By CreditorsApr 23, 2024
See what recourses you have and gets tips on the best recourse if you are being sued by creditors. Find. Learn. Save! at
Repossession PaymentsApr 23, 2024
When a vehicle is repossessed, the lender will usually sell the vehicle at auction, then apply the money received at auction to the balance owed on your auto lo
Monthly DebtApr 23, 2024
Consolidating your debt in a single low-interest loan can save on monthly payments and speed the process of paying off debt. Read about topics such as these an
Credit Debt HelpApr 23, 2024
Get unbiased advice on debt settlement and credit help. has useful resources that help you - Find. Learn. Save!
Hawaii Statute of LimitationsApr 23, 2024
The statute of limitations for debt related to a contract in Hawaii is six years.
Minor Signed an Agreement to Pay DebtsApr 23, 2024
In most states, many obligations created by minors are considered voidable, as minors are not legally competent to enter into binding contracts. Read more at Bi
Paying Medical BillApr 23, 2024
A creative and unscrupulous medical bill collector may tell you your paying part of your sister's bill creates an obligation for you. That is nonsense...
Disclaimer of Liability in Community Property StateApr 23, 2024
Learn about community property, and find information about states that follow the community property law.
Wage Garnishment & Payday Loan in CaliforniaApr 23, 2024
Are payday lenders permitted to contact your employer and seek out a garnishment of your wages without first filing suit and obtaining a judgment? No!
Need to Pay off Old AccountsApr 23, 2024
Get information and advice on the best way to tackle old debts and get them paid off. Learn more at
Best Way to Pay Down DebtsApr 23, 2024
Get the tips and resources to help you pay off your past due debts in the best possible manner. Find, Learn, Save! at
Payday Loans & Hot Checks in TexasApr 23, 2024
I can't repay a payday loan in Texas. Is that a criminal offense? Learn about legal and illegal payday loan collections in Texas.
Get back on track with your loansApr 23, 2024
Helpful tips and advice on how to consolidate and getback on track with your loan payments.
Being Threatened with RepossessionApr 23, 2024
Get the tips and info you need to save yourself from a reposession, avoid a repossession with the help of
Payday Loan and the FDCPAApr 23, 2024
A debt collector for a payday loan company says they are not subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). I am honestly a little confused and a li
In College With a Lot of DebtApr 23, 2024
Learn about a student's struggle with debt burdens and see what you can do to get out of debt. Get more debt help tips at
Credit Report After Chapter 7Apr 23, 2024
Credit reports are notoriously inaccurate, so it is important to review your credit profile regularly to verify all of the information being reported by credito
Working With Collection AgenciesApr 23, 2024
Let give you the tips and resources you need to help you work with collection agencies.
Credit Solution CompanyApr 23, 2024
Get information on different programs and companies that offer credit solution. Find the information to help you save more at
Utah Collection LawsApr 23, 2024
Utah Collection Laws | If you are in Utah and a creditor obtains a judgment against you, you face garnishments and levies. Learn how to...
How to Pay off a GarnishmentApr 23, 2024
Let give you the help and advice you need to help you resolve a garnishment on account of credit card debt.
Maryland Garnishment RulesApr 23, 2024
Maryland follows the federal rules that limit the amount garnished to 25 percent of the debtor's disposable income, or not less than an amount equal to 30 times
Kansas Collection LawsApr 23, 2024
A Kansas judgment is a declaration by a court that the creditor has the legal right to demand a wage garnishment, a levy on the debtor's bank accounts, and a li
Switch From One Debt Consolidation Program to AnotherApr 23, 2024
Learn about debt consolidation options and more on you one stop resource to save money!
Harassment by Debt CollectorsApr 23, 2024
How to deal with harassment by debt collectors. First, learn your rights under the FDCPA. Second, consult with a lawyer when a debt collector...
Massachusetts Collection LawsApr 23, 2024
The statute of limitations for the collection of most consumer debts in Massachusetts is 6 years. The state outlaws foreclosure when a loan modification...
Personal Debt CollectionApr 23, 2024
Personal Debt Collection | When a debt collector contacts you, it is important that you don't ignore the situation. Some collectors can come to your home or...