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Mark Cappel

Mark Cappel

Mark Cappel has edited magazines, web sites, and books for IBM, IDG, and Prentice Hall for the last 25 years. He earned a degree in law in 2006, and puts his law school lessons and editing experience to work every day in creating content for that is accurate legally, yet easy to understand. When he's not in front of a computer, Mark is an amateur actor, a swordsman, and a Gate Dept. volunteer at Burning Man.

Will Co-signing On a Loan Hurt My Credit Score?Mar 21, 2023
My boyfriend has terrible credit. Will it affect my credit if I co-sign a loan with him?
Interest on JudgmentMar 21, 2023
I have a judgment against me and learned the creditor is charging me 10% interest. Is that legal? It depends on which state you reside in.
Advanta DebtMar 21, 2023
You may be able to negotiate the amount of debt you owe on your Advanta credit card with the third-party collection agency.
Can I Consolidate My Car Loan In A Debt Consolidation Program?Mar 21, 2023
Can I include my car loan into a debt consolidation program? If so can I keep my car?
Buy-Here-Pay-Here RepossessionMar 21, 2023
I bought a car from a buy-here-pay-here location. I just had it repossessed after being late 4 days with no notice. Is that legal? Yes!
Two Short SalesMar 21, 2023
A short sale is where the mortgage holder agrees to accept less than the balance owed on the mortgage at sale to prevent foreclosure.
Missouri Payday LoanMar 21, 2023
Can a payday loan company in Missouri file criminal charges if we default? No, unless you closed the checking account before it presented the check.
Reopening a Chapter 7Mar 21, 2023
I filed Chapter 7 two years ago and kept my home, but now I can't afford it. Can I reopen my bankruptcy case and add a mortgage?
Judgment DomesticationMar 21, 2023
A judgment issued by a court in one state can only be applied in that particular state, and will have to be domesticated if the creditor wants to enforce it in
Co-Signed Car Loan With Deadbeat DaughterMar 21, 2023
I co-signed a loan for my daughter to buy a car. She is now refusing to make the payment. What can I do?
Debt Payoff PlanMar 21, 2023
Debt Payoff Plan for people with high credit card debt.
Credit Card Debt and SSIMar 21, 2023
If you are on SSI and have debt trouble, let help you out.
Subpoena While in Debt Resolution ProgramMar 21, 2023
If you are enrolled with the Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) debt negotiation program and are a FDR client, you need to contact the company's Legal Accounts Resolutio
Renew a CD or Pay Down My Debt?Mar 21, 2023
Renew a CD or Pay Down My Debt? | If you are earning less interest on an investment than you are paying on a debt, liquidating to pay down the debt is a good...
Mortgage After BankruptcyMar 21, 2023
You can qualify for a mortgage after bankruptcy as early as 12 months after the discharge. Learn the FHA and VA's rules for bankruptcy...
Collection Agency ScamsMar 21, 2023
Collection agency scams are common, unfortunately. Learn four ways to detect a scam artist, and eight steps to take to handle a scam artist. Scammers will...
Two Judgments on Same AccountMar 21, 2023
You cannot be sued twice for the same debt, read on to learn more about creditor judgments at
Right of OffsetMar 21, 2023
Federal law restricts the right of offset, preventing federally chartered banks, like Wells Fargo or B of A, from using the right of offset in cases where...
Court Summons for DebtMar 21, 2023
Advice if you have received a Court Summons for Debt and need free help.
Garnish Social Security IncomeMar 21, 2023
Your retirement income is protected if your primary sources of income are Social Security and pension benefits.
Garnish PensionMar 21, 2023
Most pensions, like other forms of retirement income, are exempt from garnishment or attachment to repay court judgments.
Collection Agency ChargesMar 21, 2023
Collection agency charges are illegal if you state outlaws the practice, or if the contract you signed with the original creditor doesn't say it can...
Consolidate Debt and DivorceMar 21, 2023
How to consolidate debt from credit cards, medical providers, mortgages, auto loans, and taxes after divorce. You need a different strategy for each debt type.
Avoid Paying Payday Loan?Mar 21, 2023
You may be able to avoid paying a payday loan if it is illegal. 14 states outlaw payday loans, including online payday loans. Check with the State Attorney...
How Can I Save Money?Mar 21, 2023
Asking yourself - How Can I Save Money? Can you save money and pay off debt at the same time with a low income?
Citibank MortgageMar 21, 2023
Regarding your mortgage, review your loan documents carefully to see if Citi reserves a right to pursue private collections actions on your debt.
Common Law Marriage and DebtMar 21, 2023
Read about common law marriages and debt responsibility in this informative article on
Ex Wife Refusing to Pay Debts Mar 21, 2023
After a divorce my ex wife and I were ordered to pay accounts under the divorce decree. I was paying but my ex decided she was no longer liable. We are now sum
Ascension Health Patient AssistanceMar 21, 2023
Ascension Health's hospitals and care centers offer charity and discount programs for people with limited income. Be careful, because not all expenses...
Dignity Health Payment AssistanceMar 21, 2023
Catholic Healthcare West hospitals and clinics offer charity and discount programs for people with no insurance. Talk to an admitting or patient registration...
BoA Increased Payments on MBNA accountMar 21, 2023
Advice if BoA Increased Payments on MBNA account | Credit card companies keep buying other credit card companies. Learn how to deal with the changes in...
Can My Bank Account be Levied?Mar 21, 2023
Account Levy is allowed for judgments. Also, state and federal agencies have the right to levy accounts on their own authority. However, exemptions apply...
Three-State Statute of LimitationsMar 21, 2023
Three-State Statute of Limitations Conflict | Review the SOL jurisdiction implications when a debtor moves from one state to another and the creditor is in a...
Consolidate Student Loan Debt With Credit Card DebtMar 21, 2023
It's not easy to consolidate student loan debt with credit card debt. If you're house-rich but cash-poor, consider a cash-out refinance. Otherwise, you will...
Repay Gambling DebtMar 21, 2023
Some state courts will hear cases relating to gambling debt, and others will not. Failure to pay a casino marker may fall under a state's bad check laws...
Virginia Collection LawsMar 21, 2023
Learn the statute of limitations for credit card and other debts, and how to apply for a $5,000 wage and account garnishment exemption available to Virginia...
What Happens if I Do Not Have Enough Money To Pay A Deficiency Balance?Mar 21, 2023
If I do not have enough money to pay a deficiency balance, what will happen?
Deal Or No Deal Mar 21, 2023
We were forced to sell our home through a short sale and our second mortgage left us a charge-off of 66k. We have been offered a 10-year settlement plan. Is thi
Debt Consolidation & Mobile HomeMar 21, 2023
Finding a debt consolidation loan using a mobile home as collateral is possible but challenging. Consider your alternatives, which include...
Settle a LawsuitMar 21, 2023
Settling with your creditors is a fairly straightforward process, but one which can be intimidating to many consumers. Learn more about the process at
Mortgage When Spouse DiesMar 21, 2023
A bank may be able to call a mortgage when a spouse dies. your spouse who has a mortgage dies, you may be able to keep making payments and remain in...
Increase in Debt BalanceMar 21, 2023
Unless a creditor has charged a higher rate of interest than that allowed by your credit agreement, you probably have little recourse in forcing the creditor to
Midland Credit ManagementMar 21, 2023
Midland Credit Management collection agency calling you? Take these 3 steps if Midland Credit Management calls you to collect a debt. First...
Minnesota Collection LawsMar 21, 2023
Learn the statute of limitations for credit card and other debts, and Minnesota's peculiar mortgage anti-deficiency laws. A Minnesota judgment becomes a lien...
Father's Credit Card DebtMar 21, 2023
My girlfriend's father opened numerous joint account credit cards when she turned 18. He filed for bankruptcy a few years later but did not include the credit c
Collection Agency InterestMar 21, 2023
Can A Collection Agency Continue to Charge Interest on A Charged Off Account?
Credit Card Debt in ColoradoMar 21, 2023
My husband was sued in Colorado for a credit card debt incurred in Vermont but agreed to in Arizona. What law applies?
Excessive Towing FeesMar 21, 2023
My car was towed, and now the towing company wants to sell my car. What can I do? Contact an attorney in your state immediately and raise the money to pay the s
New York Collection LawsMar 21, 2023
Learn how New York law protects you if you are threatened with a lien, account levy, wage garnishment, repossession or foreclosure. Payday loans are illegal...
Garnished Without NoticeMar 21, 2023
I was told by my employer they received an order to garnish my wages. I was completely unaware of this. Is there anyway to get a garnishment removed from your c