Debt Management

There are many ways to get out of debt and stay debt free. Creating a budget, monitoring your credit, and making short and long-term goals are ways you can take control of your finances. However, if you have a serious debt problem, it is wise to rely on reputable debt management programs and companies. offers you tools and knowledge to help you manage your debt and find the best way to debt freedom.

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Debt Management

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According to a Federal Reserve survey from May 2016 covering economic well-being of American Households, 31% of the respondents said that they couldn't cover a $400 to emergency expenses. Other's indicated that they could cover the expense by using personal savings, personal loans, credit cards, or a family gift.

No matter your financial situation, it is important to keep tabs and manage your debt. Proper debt management isn't just for people with bad credit, or drowning in debt. For example, millions of people have refinanced their mortgage and saved tens of thousands of dollars. Debt Navigator tool helps you find the best debt management program for your situation. 

Debt Management Starts at Home.

Before you get a no-cost debt management estimate from a pre-screened debt provider, make sure that you have reviewed your budget, credit and debt situation. Debt management starts at home.

Debt Management Considerations

Interest Rates and Financial Costs

interest Rates

Your monthly payments

monthly payments

Protect your credit score

Manage your
credit score

Get Out of Debt Faster

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Debt Management Highlights

Debt Management Highlights

The debt relief industry uses the phrase debt consolidation often, where it is used to describe both payment consolidation options and options that truly consolidate your debt. If you are looking to consolidate debt because you have a debt problem, it is important to understand exactly how the term debt consolidation is used and how its use affects the pros and cons of each debt situation.

Debt Management Program

What is the best debt management program? There is no one-size fits all program. However, all debt management programs require that you carefully check your monthly budget. A credit counseling session can help analyze your situation and see if a Debt Management Program will work for you. If you are struggling to pay your bills, then a debt settlement program might be a good alternative. Make sure that you match your needs with the pros and cons of a debt management program.

Debt Management Companies

Not all debt management plans are equal, nor are all debt management companies. If you are looking for a debt management solution, then it is important to consult with professionals that have the proper accreditation. For example, if you are choosing a debt settlement company, then make sure that they are reputable and do not take upfront fees.

Get a Loan

One popular debt management solution is a personal debt consolidation loan. If you have good to excellent credit, then a debt consolidation loan can lower your interest rate and help you pay off your debt quicker. However, if you have poor to bad credit, then learn about other debt management alternatives.

Debt Tools offers a variety of debt tools to help you manage your debt. Use the ways to save calculator to find ways to fill up your pocketbook. Or, if you are looking for a personalized debt relief solution, then try the Debt Navigator.