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Medical Bill Payments

Mark CappelNovember 1, 2023

Need help with medical bill payments? has some good advice.

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What Is the Average Grocery Bill?

Aaron CroweJanuary 23, 2023

Grocery bills are an important part of your household budget? Are you on top of your savings? Get recommendations on average grocery bills and how it matches your…

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Get Help Now Paying Bills

Richard BarringtonDecember 25, 2022

Get help with paying bills. Find information about government and financial assistance programs to help pay for housing, medical, food, utility, and credit cards.

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Can’t Pay Your Bills? Get Help Now

Erik MartinDecember 25, 2022

Get help now if you are struggling financially and can’t pay your bills. Learn about four steps you can take to get back on track.

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How to Pay a Credit Card Bill

Richard BarringtonDecember 2, 2022

You have three main options for paying a credit card bill: By check, online transfers, or autopay. You could also pay your bill by money order or in person with cash...

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Can You Pay Bills with a Credit Card?

Richard BarringtonNovember 28, 2022

Paying bills with a credit card is possible, but is it a good decision? It depends on the type of bills you pay, the fees charged, and the potential rewards from…

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How to Pay Bills

Rebecca LakeNovember 6, 2022

What’s the best way to pay bills? It is very important to pay your bills on time. Learn how to pay bills - mortgage, utility bills, or other house bills without missing payments.

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Pay Water Bill

Rebecca LakeOctober 19, 2022

Paying water bills can be simple, especially if you make automatic payments' Timely bill payments can also help you to sidestep late fees or reconnection fees.

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Negotiate Medical Bills

Betsalel CohenOctober 17, 2022

Less than 15% of consumers ask their doctor to negotiate a medical bill. Approximately 40% of people who ask for a discount receive one. Here is how to...

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How to Pay Your Utility Bills

Rebecca LakeSeptember 11, 2022

A big part of your monthly budget is utility bills. It is important to keep track and pay your utility bills on time. Learn about different ways to pay utility bills.

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Collections on Medical Bills: What Are Your Options?

Rebecca LakeAugust 27, 2022

Medical collections can be stressful. Learn how to deal with medical bills in collection and to negotiate medical bills with collection agencies.

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Hospital Bills: Learn How to Pay Hospital Bills

Rebecca LakeJune 13, 2022

a parent would not normally be responsible for the hospital bills incurred by a 19 year old son, unless the parent had signed an agreement with the hospital. L

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Consolidate Bills: Should I Use a Personal Loan

Rebecca LakeJune 13, 2022

Consolidate Bills | Consolidate bills and consolidate your debt by using's free tips & advice. The first step to take to consolidate bills is to...

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Online Bill Pay

Rebecca LakeJune 12, 2022

Paying your bills online is very common. You can use your bank or unique apps to make sure you pay your bills on time.

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How to Manage Medical Bills

Rebecca LakeJune 12, 2022

Medical bills are a common reason for households to get into debt. Learn ways to deal with unpaid medical bills including...

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Pay Bills

Rebecca LakeApril 7, 2022

There are different ways to pay bills, and depending on who you have to pay; you might use more than one method. Comparing bill payment options can help...

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Deceased Spouse's Medical Bills

Daniel CohenSeptember 23, 2019

Deceased Spouse's Medical Bills | You could be responsible for a deceased spouse's medical bills if you signed an admission form that included guarantor...

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How to Consolidate Your Bills

Betsalel CohenAugust 28, 2018

Learn how to consolidate your bills and make your debt easier to manage. If you are juggling medical bills, credit card bills, and other debt, then you need...

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Medical Bills and Credit TeamDecember 20, 2016

Some medical providers report patient credit activity to the credit bureaus. Others do not. Learn what goes into a credit report, and how to...

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Consolidate Medical Bills

Mark CappelMarch 6, 2014

You can consolidate debt with medical bills if you qualify for a consolidation loan. Or, consider debt settlement, which will negotiate with your medical...

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Medical Bills and Insurance Claims TeamFebruary 11, 2014

How to handle a medical bill denied by your health insurance company. Did the medical office file the claim in a timely manner? Did the insurance company deny..

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Kaiser Permanente Medical Bills

Mark CappelNovember 29, 2011

Kaiser Permanente Medical Financial Assistance | Contact Kaiser Permanente and discuss the bill that confuses you. Negotiate a settlement on your own. If you ca

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Buffalo Bills

Daniel CohenNovember 3, 2011 pulls for the Buffalo Bills. Join the conversation on their chances to win it all!

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Consolidate Mortgage TeamDecember 1, 2010

Too many home loan bills? Get the answer to the question 'How do I consolidate my mortgage bills?' at

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Unpaid Medical Bills

Mark CappelJanuary 12, 2010

Every month send each other an e-mail message with those costs detailed. Reconcile the amounts, and whoever paid more should be reimbursed by the other.

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Liable for My Spouse's Hospital Bills

Mark CappelDecember 9, 2009

If you signed an admission form that included guarantor language when you checked your spouse into the hospital, then you promised to pay for your spouse's debt

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Medical Bills Responsibility

Mark CappelJune 4, 2009

Medical Bills | Parents have a legal obligation to pay for the medical care of their minor children. A divorce decree does not change that liability, but parent

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Help with Hospital Bills

Mark CappelFebruary 19, 2009

Help with hospital bills | The laws governing hospital billing and payments vary greatly between states, counties, and cities, make sure you know your options a

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Bills in Collections

Daniel CohenOctober 29, 2007

Got some bills in collections? Let show you the way to deal with the collectors and save on your bills in collections.

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Behind on Bills TeamApril 11, 2007

If you are behind on your bills and debt has you down, has the solutions to get you back on track.

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