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Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen has many years of experience in the financial services industry. Daniel has worked as a mortgage loan officer, a debt counselor, and as a tax consultant. He also owned a small business, manufacturing and distributing clothing, which gives him first-hand knowledge about the challenges of running a business. A common link in all his work experience is a devotion to customer satisfaction. When not working, Daniel enjoys hiking in the redwoods or attending live music shows.

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In debt settlement, the debt settlement firms negotiate with creditors to reduce the actual principal balance of their clients' debts.
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The statute of limitations for the collection of most consumer debts in North Carolina is three years. Wage garnishment is highly restricted but account levy...
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California wage garnishment limits | Free tips and advice about California wage garnishment limits from
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Illinois garnishment rules are complex and favor judgment debtors.
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MRS Associates is a collection agent. If MRS Associates calls or sends you a letter, take these 3 steps to protect yourself. First, validate the debt...
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Finding out your spouse has debt can create financial and marital stress. Take the right steps and you can work your way out of the crisis, provided you both
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Under Nevada collection law, the statute of limitations is 6 years. Credit cards have a 4-year statute of limitations in some cases and courts. Wage...
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The pros and cons of each debt resolution or debt consolidation option and how will each affect a credit report.
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