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Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen has many years of experience in the financial services industry. Daniel has worked as a mortgage loan officer, a debt counselor, and as a tax consultant. He also owned a small business, manufacturing and distributing clothing, which gives him first-hand knowledge about the challenges of running a business. A common link in all his work experience is a devotion to customer satisfaction. When not working, Daniel enjoys hiking in the redwoods or attending live music shows.

Fixed-Rate MortgagesOct 20, 2010
Fixed-Rate Mortgages | Choosing a fixed rate mortgage loan to purchase or refinance your home provides long term security in exchange for higher rates and payme
Short Sale to Avoid ForeclosureOct 19, 2010
Free tips on how to avoid foreclosure. Learn about the short sale process and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
Hard InquiriesOct 18, 2010
Dispute Hard Inquiries | Consider disputing hard inquiries only if there are many you did not authorize. However, if you opened an account with a bank or...
Old American Express DebtOct 15, 2010
American Express | Once a debt is properly settled with the original creditor or a legitimate collection agent, you're no longer liable for the debt. Be sure...
Qualify for Reverse MortgageOct 14, 2010
Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage | Review what it takes to qualify for a reverse mortgage and how they work, so you can decide if a reverse mortgage is...
Staying Out of DebtOct 14, 2010
Stay out of debt by following these quick tips. Start by making a budget and track your income and spending. It's very important that you...
IRS Collections ProcessOct 14, 2010
Information on how the IRS collects on your outstanding taxes. Take steps on resolving your debt before aggressive collection methods from the IRS harm you.
Tax Relief ServicesOct 14, 2010
Tax relief services | A professional tax relief services firm can help you get out of IRS debt, stop levies and wage garnishment, and file previous tax returns.
Title Insurance for RefinanceOct 10, 2010
Free tips on buying title insurance when refinancing your mortgage
Refinance or NotOct 7, 2010
By any historical measure, Q4 in 2010 is an excellent time to refinance with interest rates at levels not seen in several generations.
IRS Payment PlanOct 6, 2010
Free advice about handling IRS tax debt and setting up a payment plan
VA Loan Options and VA Mortgage Refinance TipsOct 6, 2010
Mortgage | Refinance | Free advice from about VA loan programs and tips to get a VA refinance mortgage.
Citi Sold My Loan to SantanderSep 19, 2010
Citi Sold Loans to Santander | It was not illegal for Citi to sell loans. Santander assumed all terms and conditions of your Citi. You can try to refinance...
Home Buying GuideSep 15, 2010
A guide for home buyers - preparing to get a mortgage and buy a home and then find the best mortgage for you
Close a Credit CardSep 15, 2010
Free advice on how and when to close a credit card
Free Credit Report With ScoreSep 7, 2010
Free advice from on how to get a free credit report with score.
Reverse Mortgage ForeclosureSep 7, 2010
Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure | Free advice on how to avoid a foreclosure, if a property you inherit has a reverse mortgage balance.
Can a bank cancel my HELOCAug 29, 2010
Free information about the difference between a frozen HELOC and a cancelled HELOC
Getting a reverse mortgage when one spouse is younger than 62Aug 29, 2010
Free tips about reverse mortgages when one spouse is younger than 62
Does a reverse mortgage require a notary public?Aug 24, 2010
Free advice about reverse mortgages and the need for a notary public
Reverse Mortgage on Upside-Down PropertyAug 24, 2010
Free advice about a reverse mortgage on a home that has dropped in value and more money was borrowed than the home is now worth
Refinance VA Loan Aug 19, 2010
Refinance | VA Loan | You may be able to lower the interest rate and payment on your VA home loan, quickly and easily, with a VA Streamline refi. Start by...
Inheritance & Reverse MortgageAug 18, 2010
Free tips on what to do if you inherit a home that has a reverse mortgage on it
Mortgage Life InsuranceAug 18, 2010
Free advice on life insurance, disability insurance, and when it makes sense to have these mortgage life insurance or mortgage disability insurance
bad credit auto loanAug 17, 2010
Free tips on getting an auto loan when you have bad credit
Social Security DisabilityAug 17, 2010
Learn how to qualify for Social Security Disability
Denied Credit Card After RefinanceAug 12, 2010
Understand why you were turned down for a credit card after you completed successful home loan refinance.
Government refinanceAug 3, 2010
Government Refinance Mortgage Programs | Free tips on finding the government refinance mortgage loan program that is right for you. Depending on who owns...
Levy From Both IRS and a JudgmentJul 29, 2010
Levy | Free advice if you have an IRS wage levy and a separate levy from a creditor
Subordinate HELOC to refiJul 28, 2010
It can be tricky to get your lender to agree to subordinate your loan. Read some free tips on home loan refinancing and subordination of your HELOC, such as...
Credit Bureaus Report I'm DeadJul 20, 2010
View the reports to see which bureaus list you as deceased. If only one bureau is, then you only need to focus on correcting one error.
IRS Tax Lien on my credit reportJul 15, 2010
Having an IRS tax lien or a State Tax Lien filed against you demands quick action. Free tips from
US Bank No-Closing-Cost RefinanceMar 17, 2010
US Bank | Learn about US Bank and no-closing-cost refinance mortgage loans. US Bank offers no closing cost mortgage loans, but be careful that about...
Should I Do A Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure?Mar 17, 2010
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure | If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, then speak to your lender about doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Compare...
IRS Debt HelpMar 14, 2010
IRS Debt | If you have IRS debt, you need to find the best possible solution, to protect yourself from a wage or bank levy. You may be able to save money, if...
Can My Name Be Taken off a Mortgage?Nov 2, 2009
Can My Name Be Taken off a Mortgage and have my ex-husbands name put on the mortgage?
Debt Consolidation CompaniesAug 12, 2009
A good debt consolidation company can help you get out of debt. A bad one can take your money and do nothing. To find the right company to help you, be sure...
Consequences of Walking Away From MortgageJan 20, 2009
Walking away from a mortgage | Walking away from a mortgage has serious consequences. Free advice from about the consequences of walking away from a m
Short Sale on Credit ScoreJan 24, 2008
How a short sale can effect your credit report. Get more information about mortgages at, Find. Learn. Save.
Consequences of Default on a Second MortgageJan 8, 2008
If you go delinquent on your second mortgage, the lender can foreclose on your house and property. Read more about consequences of default on mortgages at Bill
401K Early Withdrawal Tax PenaltyJan 2, 2008
401k early withdrawal tax penalty | A 401k early-withdrawal can result in a tax penalty. Review when penalties apply and when you can avoid them. Be sure you...
Voluntary Surrender of Home to LenderNov 26, 2007
Voluntarily Surrender of Home to Lender. Read about the resources and options available to you if you are considering a voluntary surrender of your home...
401K Cash Out PenaltiesOct 31, 2007
401K Cash Out Penalties | Learn when you are subject to penalties for taking money out of your 401K account and when you can withdraw penalty-free. Be sure...
Bills in CollectionsOct 29, 2007
Got some bills in collections? Let show you the way to deal with the collectors and save on your bills in collections.
IRS Offer In CompromiseSep 28, 2007
If you have IRS Tax Debt and want information on how to save the most with an Offer in Compromise, let help you find the answers and savings that you
About Your Home Equity Line and Credit ScoreAug 5, 2007
Learn about your credit score, HELOC, and how your score is affected by the amount you can borrow. Free advice from
When to RefinanceMay 17, 2007
Learn the secrets of knowing when to refinance and if refinancing is the best option, whether to save money each month or to get cash out for other expenses.
Tax liens and credit reportsApr 19, 2007
Learn about tax liens and credit reports, and whether or not it's possible to get a home with such a credit record. Free information from the Blog.