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US Bank No-Closing-Cost Refinances & Mortgages

Daniel Cohen
UpdatedMar 17, 2010
Key Takeaways:
  • Speak with your loan officer at US Bank and compare loans.
  • Make sure that a no closing cost loan really has no costs.
  • Shop around for the best refinance rate and compare different lenders that offer no closing cost or low cost refinance loans.

Can I get a no closing cost refinance with US Bank if I'm a customer? I want a low cost refinance mortgage loan.

I am a US Bank customer and if I go to refinance in the same bank, would they charge closing cost or not? Other banks such as Wells Fargo and Quicken Loans won't charge their clients closing costs if they refinance with them.  I want to get a no closing cost refinance mortgage loan.  Can I get a no closing cost refinance with US Bank if I'm a customer?  I want a low cost refinance mortgage loan. 

I recommend you speak with us bank and ask them if they would charge closing costs to refinance your home. you must keep in mind that it will cost a lender to refinance a mortgage, even though they may say "no closing costs."

I also have two valuable resources as you evaluate refinancing with US Bank. The first is a profile of US Bank mortgage and refinance provider that we did. The second is a link where you can apply for free for a refinance quote: mortgage refinance quote.

Will your interest rate be higher?

When a lender says that there will be no closing costs, they generally give the borrower a higher interest rate. Below i will explain what a no-cost mortgage refinance is.

Unfortunately, a no-cost mortgage isn’t really cheaper over the long term. Instead of paying fees out-of-pocket, closing costs, or other costs at the time of the loan, the interest rate is .25 to .5 percent higher to cover the lender’s costs and any third-party fees the lenders promise you aren’t paying. The lender isn’t giving anything away for free.

Three types of no-cost mortgages

  • no points, but you pay lender fees and third-party fees
  • zero lender fees, but you pay third-party fees
  • no cash up-front, but all the fees and costs are bundled into the loan’s interest rate

A true no-cost mortgage would have the same interest rate as other loans and no payments to the lender or third parties. Understandably, these loans are nearly impossible to find.

is no-cost mortgage refinancing right for me?

This type of mortgage is best for people who plan to sell or refinance in a few years. If interest rates are steadily falling, then you can move from no-cost refinance to a new no-cost refinance without spending a dime on closing costs. If you want to stay in your home and never refinance again, then the higher interest rate will cost you more over the life of the loan.

For people who plan to stay in their homes for more than five years and don’t plan to refinance again, the best bet is to save up the money to cover the closing costs and fees on your mortgage and get a lower interest rate. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but the difference between 6.25% and 6.5% can really add up. On a $100,000 loan paid over 30 years, that totals $6,000 more in interest.

If you don’t plan to sell or refinance in three-to-five years and your closing costs are less than the additional interest, more than likely they will be, then it’s worth it to pay the closing costs up front. Even factoring in your tax deduction, paying the closing costs would still save you money over the long-term. The higher your mortgage balance, the more that extra quarter point will cost you.

Where can i get a no-cost mortgage?

you can find these types of mortgages at most lenders. can connect you to several no-cost mortgage lenders. you can also find them at most of the major banks and mortgage lenders. to avoid being overcharged for your mortgage, compare their interest rates and then research each potential mortgage lender’s reviews and customer comments on consumer web sites and at the better business bureau’s web site.

no cost mortgage refinancing is a popular way to take advantage of falling interest rates. just be sure to refinance to a lower rate and pay the closing costs before that additional interest really starts to add up.

i hope this information helps you find. learn & save.




ffrances, Feb, 2013
I was offered a loan for 2.99 interest no fees no closing cost and free appraisal through US Bank. I am retired and have 8 years to go on my loan 5.6 percent. This new loan will be for 5 and half years. Does this sound too good to be true?!
BBill, Feb, 2013
On the face of it, it does not sound too good to be true. Just keep a careful eye on the GFE and the final documents you sign. If you have no out of pocket costs, then there is nothing to lose by moving forward. You have a three-day right of recision where you can cancel the deal, after the signing.