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Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen has many years of experience in the financial services industry. Daniel has worked as a mortgage loan officer, a debt counselor, and as a tax consultant. He also owned a small business, manufacturing and distributing clothing, which gives him first-hand knowledge about the challenges of running a business. A common link in all his work experience is a devotion to customer satisfaction. When not working, Daniel enjoys hiking in the redwoods or attending live music shows.

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Finding out your spouse has debt can create financial and marital stress. Take the right steps and you can work your way out of the crisis, provided you both
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Learn about Georgia collection laws | Georgia collection laws are different than in other states. In Georgia, the most common method used by judgment-creditors
Debt ValidationJul 15, 2024
Debt Validation | If the debt collector has a bare account and the consumer seeks a debt validation, the collector has no means to validate the bare account...
Debt Relief ComparisonJul 15, 2024
Use's simple debt comparison table to understand the differences between ways to deal with debt. Also, learn the best and worst...
Wisconsin Collection LawsJul 15, 2024
The statute of limitations for most forms of debt in Wisconsin is six years. Under Wisconsin law, a resident cannot have their wages garnished for a delinquent
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Citi Debt Consolidation | Review how Citi will react, if you enroll Citi debt in a debt consolidation program. To best protect yourself, be sure to...
Consolidating Debt in the Military Jul 15, 2024
Military Debt Consolidation has some key differences for consolidating debt when you are not in the military. Federal law offers servicemembers protections...
Consumer Debt ConsolidationJul 15, 2024
Consumer debt consolidation | Looking to consolidate consumer debt? Review your options and learn the pitfalls to avoid, to help you get out of debt faster.
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LPMIJul 12, 2024
LPMI | LPMI is not a free lunch -- homeowners pay for LPMI in higher interest. It is also a bad deal if you plan to own your home long enough to exceed 22% of e
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Free advice on what to do, if you want to add your spouse to your home mortgage loan
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Free tips on how to source the best mobile home loan.
Debt To Income Ratio TipsJul 12, 2024
Debt To Income Ratio | Debt To Income Ratio Tips and advice from Review what you need to know about a DTI ratio.
Mortgage Insurance DeductionJul 12, 2024
The mortgage insurance deduction allows homeowners who itemize their deductions and pay MIP or PMI to deduct that amount from their income taxes.
Use 401k to Consolidate DebtJul 12, 2024
Your 401k can be a solution for consolidating credit card debt. Review the pros and cons of a 401K withdrawal and 401k loan, and compare them to alternatives.
Washington Collection LawsJul 12, 2024
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Free tips on IRS and state tax debts and filing for bankruptcy. Some IRS tax debts are eligible for including in a bankruptcy. Learn more at
Judgment ProofJul 12, 2024
Your creditor may consider you judgment proof if your assets are off-limits from its collections. Learn how to tell if you are judgment proof, but beware...
Consolidate Capital One Credit DebtJul 12, 2024
Find the the Capital One debt consolidation program that saves you the most money. Be sure to pay attention to protecting yourself from aggressive...
Debt Collector or Original CreditorJul 12, 2024
My account is with a collection agency, can I negotiate with my original creditor instead?
Consolidate American Express DebtJul 12, 2024
Review all your options for your American Express debt, whether it is debt consolidation, credit counseling, or debt settlement. AmEx is an aggressive...
First Bank of Delaware & ThinkCashJul 12, 2024
Payday loans, also called 'cash advance loans,' 'check advance loans,' or 'deferred deposit check loans,' are a frequent pitfall for consumers.
Equifax Debt WiseJul 12, 2024
Equifax Debt Wise | Equifax Debt Wise is designed to help consumers get out debt more quickly and save money. Read a review about the program at
Chapter 7 vs. Debt ConsolidationJul 12, 2024
Are you looking to avoid bankruptcy with a debt consolidation loan? Let solve your debt consolidation questions so that you can save and avoid bankru
Renegotiate Citi Credit Card Settlement AgreementJul 12, 2024
Before you stop making payments under your settlement agreement with Citi, it makes sense to call Citi and explain your changed circumstances.
New York Spousal Liability for DebtJul 11, 2024
New York Spousal Liability for Debt | Free tips about New York spousal liability for debt issues
Collection of Written-Off DebtJul 11, 2024
If the original creditor writes-off the debt and issues a 1099-C, that means the original creditor has forgiven the debt and is claiming the loss on its taxes.
Rollover into IRAJul 11, 2024
You will pay zero dollars in penalties or taxes if you rollover your retirement plan into an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA).
Phone Payment for DebtJul 11, 2024
If you allow a collection agent to make withdrawals from your bank account without having a signed contract in hand, how can you prove the collector took more t
Debt Coach vs. Your ProviderJul 11, 2024
Debt Coach uses industry averages for each debt resolution approach to arrive at its recommendations.
Barred DebtJul 11, 2024
Under common law, the acknowledgment must be in writing and convey the idea the debtor promises to pay the debt. Not surprisingly, many state legislatures wrote
Profit Sharing Plan RolloverJul 11, 2024
Profit Sharing | You will pay zero in penalties or taxes if you rollover your profit sharing plan into an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)
Lower PaymentJul 11, 2024
Lower payment | A lower payment on your monthly bills is possible, if you find the right debt resolution option. Free tips from to help you get out of