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Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen has many years of experience in the financial services industry. Daniel has worked as a mortgage loan officer, a debt counselor, and as a tax consultant. He also owned a small business, manufacturing and distributing clothing, which gives him first-hand knowledge about the challenges of running a business. A common link in all his work experience is a devotion to customer satisfaction. When not working, Daniel enjoys hiking in the redwoods or attending live music shows.

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Debt collector practices to be supervised by the CFPB | With more than 30 million Americans facing debt collection the CFPB will...
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Wisconsin Collection LawsMar 16, 2023
The statute of limitations for most forms of debt in Wisconsin is six years. Under Wisconsin law, a resident cannot have their wages garnished for a delinquent
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Use's simple debt comparison table to understand the differences between ways to deal with debt. Also, learn the best and worst...
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The pros and cons of each debt resolution or debt consolidation option and how will each affect a credit report.
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Under Nevada collection law, the statute of limitations is 6 years. Credit cards have a 4-year statute of limitations in some cases and courts. Wage...
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Social Security Overpayment | Review some common reasons for overpayment and the steps you need to take, if you were overpaid. Make sure that you start by...
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Learn the Pennsylvania rules for statute of limitations, wage garnishment, and bank levies. Wage garnishment is not allowed with two exceptions. Account levy...
Ohio Collection LawsMar 16, 2023
Ohio collection laws are creditor-friendly and tought onc consumers. The statutes of limitations on debt are length and judgments can be renewed repeatedly. If
North Carolina Collection LawsMar 16, 2023
The statute of limitations for the collection of most consumer debts in North Carolina is three years. Wage garnishment is highly restricted but account levy...
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Get the debt consolidation tips to understand all of your debt relief options, including Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling, and Debt Consolidation Loans.
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In debt settlement, the debt settlement firms negotiate with creditors to reduce the actual principal balance of their clients' debts.
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Missouri Collection LawsMar 16, 2023
A Missouri judgment is a declaration by a court that the creditor has the legal right to demand a wage garnishment, a levy on the debtor's bank accounts, and...
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When it comes to debt settlement providers, there are good players and bad players, the way there are in any industry. It is important to do your research so yo
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It can be hard to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Review the means test for bankruptcy as well as the median income requirements
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Whether a credit counseling service is non-profit or for-profit does not indicate if it will offer...