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Real Estate Taxes and RefinanceOct 7, 2007
Discover the truth about real estate taxes and refinance options from
Mobile Home Loan RefinanceApr 4, 2007
If you need a Mobile Home Loan Refinance, has the answers to your questions.
Settled Debt Not Updating on Credit ReportMar 11, 2009
Get information about how a settled debt is reported to the credit bureaus and how long it might take to update. read more about debt settlement at
Home Repair Loans and GrantsOct 25, 2010
Homeowners may qualify for repair, refinance, and mortgage loans and grants from the USDA and HUD. However, qualifications are stringent.
Judgment Won Against MeSep 1, 2010
I had a judgment won against me, but I don't owe the debt. What can I do?
State Tax LevyOct 14, 2010
You may owe state income tax due to your filling jointly with your spouse. You may want to consider filing your returns as married filing separately.
Chapter 13 CostSep 28, 2007
Get more information on the real costs involved in filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy., Find. Learn. Save.
California Community PropertyAug 11, 2014
California Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In California, creditors can reach your separate property, but the rules for premarital debt...
What is an Interest Rate and How is It Calculated?Dec 2, 2010
Before applying for a loan, know what's your interest rate and how it's calculated.
New York GarnishmentMar 1, 2012
A brief look at New York's Exempt Income Protection Act (EIPA), and steps New Yorkers can take to protect their exempt income from garnishment and account levy.