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Sub Prime LoansApr 11, 2024
The fallout of subprime loans will have negative affects on the entire real estate market. Find out how with information from
Second Mortgage IntroApr 11, 2024
Learn the difference between a second mortgage loan, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit at
Second Mortgage BasicsApr 11, 2024
Learn the fundamentals of a second mortgage and how it can help you with home repairs, college tuition, and more.
The End of Subprime MortgagesApr 11, 2024
Learn how subprime mortgages work and what to do if you have one. has the tools to help you with your subprime mortgages.
Second MortgageApr 11, 2024
Find a complete second mortgage guide, including advice and information on loans and lenders, at -- your one stop resource for saving money.
Canada BankruptcyApr 11, 2024
I could find no laws concerning a requirement for a private person to be residing in Canada as a condition of filing bankruptcy.
Chapter 13 CostApr 11, 2024
Get more information on the real costs involved in filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy., Find. Learn. Save.
California Statute of LimitationsApr 11, 2024
California Statute of Limitations | California statute of limitations for debt related to a written contract is four years, and an oral contract is two years...
Requesting a Deficiency Balance StatementApr 11, 2024
When my car gets repossessed, auctioned, and sold can I get a statement telling me how much it was sold for and what I owe?
Debt Consolidation without a HomeApr 11, 2024
Is it possible to get debt consolidation to get out of debt if I do not own a home or have anything for collateral? Not all require collateral, so you can...
Credit Card Relief Apr 11, 2024
True credit card relief is the result of learning to manage spending and use credit cards wisely. Learn both at
California Community PropertyApr 11, 2024
California Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In California, creditors can reach your separate property, but the rules for premarital debt...
File Bankruptcy With No MoneyApr 11, 2024
You can file bankruptcy with no money, and even have bankruptcy filing fees waived if you have little or no income. Learn how to file bankruptcy at no cost by..
Two Creditors Garnishing Wages at the Same TimeApr 11, 2024
Get more information as to how wage garnishments work. If you are facing a creditor judgment, can help you save.
Bankruptcy AlternativesApr 11, 2024
Staggered by debt but want to avoid bankruptcy? You have 4 alternatives, but like bankruptcy, each has positives & negatives. Learn the options to filing...
TERI Student Loan & Debt SettlementApr 11, 2024
Student loan providers can be more difficult than other creditors when it comes to negotiating settlements, possibly because...
Divorce and DebtApr 11, 2024
It is important to divide assets and liabilities, and make certain to update your credit report record (particularly if there are jointly held accounts) after t
Louisiana Community PropertyApr 11, 2024
Louisiana Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. Louisiana classifies debts as separate and community. In many cases, creditors can collect...
CaliforniaApr 10, 2024
Learn more about California statute of limitations, collection Law, payday loans & bankruptcy limits
Home Account is the Best Way to Apply for Online Mortgage LoanApr 9, 2024
A review of Home Account - the coolest new way to shop for a mortgage online, and just may be the Best Way to Apply for an Online Mortgage Loan.
Unstable Housing PricesApr 9, 2024
Home prices have steadily increased, but have stopped and may remain volatile for the upcoming months.
YOURgage | Quicken's Custom Loans Apr 9, 2024
Quicken Loans' YOURgage | Examine Quicken Loans' YOURgage. Understand the benefits of a custom mortgage program. Make sure you know how...
Extra Mortgage PaymentApr 9, 2024
It may not be wise to sacrifice your retirement investing at the expense of cutting your mortgage interest expense.
Mortgage Loans FAQApr 9, 2024
Understand the basic terms you need to know before signing a contract for a mortgage or auto loan.
Conforming LoanApr 9, 2024
Conforming loan limit for a one-unit residence in 2012 is $417,000 for most of the US. You must know the limits in your area because...
Secured loans on homeApr 9, 2024
Learn about secured loans on homes and whether or not you can sell a home with a secured loan attached. Get the answer from the Blog.
Get a mortgage with bad creditApr 9, 2024
Learn hot to get a mortgage with bad credit and what you need to do. Information from the blog.
Arizona Collection LawsApr 9, 2024
In Arizona, the statute of limitations for oral contracts is 3 years, and written contracts and credit cards is 6 years. Arizona is a...
Free Debt HelpApr 9, 2024
Get free debt help and advice on how to tackle your debt and get your finances back in order from - the most valued name in debt help.
Getting Harassed by Bill CollectorApr 9, 2024
See what recourses that may be available to you if you are getting harassed by a bill collector. Learn more about collection accounts at
Alabama Collection LawsApr 9, 2024
The statute of limitations on Alabama debt is 3 years for credit cards, and 6 or 10 years on written contracts. Wage garnishment is allowed and follows...
Help Me Get Out of DebtApr 9, 2024
Get the debt help you need from - the most trusted name in debt help. Here to help you get out of debt!
Online Credit Card Debt Help Apr 9, 2024
Learn how to find online credit card debt help in minutes. can help you get out of debt faster. - Find.Learn.Save.
Iowa Collection LawsApr 9, 2024
Learn about Iowa's wage garnishment, statutes of limitations, and levy rules.
Bankruptcy Questions & AnswersApr 9, 2024
Bankruptcy | The following are 19 common bankruptcy questions that readers have asked We include our answers and links to more discussion.
Chapter 13 BankruptcyApr 9, 2024
Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables individuals with regular income to develop a plan to repay all or part of their debts over 3 to 5 years.
New Jersey Collection LawsApr 9, 2024
The statute of limitations for some New Jersey debts is 6 years. Wage garnishment is limited to 10% of net take-home pay. Judgments have a 20-year life, and...
Debt Cures ReviewApr 9, 2024
Review of Debt Cures and check to see if Debt Cures is a scam.
Florida JudgmentApr 9, 2024
Excluding child support, creditors cannot touch Social Security and pension benefits if they are deposited into an account that is not intermingled with funds f
Louisiana Collection LawsApr 5, 2024
Learn the statute of limitations for credit card and other debts in Louisiana, and the state's consumer friendly rules for wage garnishment...
Community PropertyApr 5, 2024
10 states offer community property family law. If you live in a community property state, creditors may be able to collect from you even if you knew nothing...
Connecticut Collection LawsApr 5, 2024
Learn the statutes of limitations for Connecticut, and the length of time a lien lasts when attached to personal or real property. Credit cards have a 3-year...
Payday Loan LawsApr 5, 2024
Learn how your state protects consumers who have payday loans, and the loan and interest limits for each state. Beware, some payday loan laws are tricky...
Credit Card Debt and SSI IncomeApr 5, 2024
Credit Card Debt and Disability Income | Disability income has certain protections from garnishments that normal income does not have. If you are sued...
Voluntary RepossessionApr 5, 2024
Get all the information you need about voluntary repossession, be it a vehicle or a home that you considering for voluntary repo.
Consolidate Personal LoansApr 5, 2024
Debts dragging you down? Get the answer to questions like 'Can I consolidate my car and personal loans?' at
Negotiating with Your CreditorsApr 5, 2024
Learn key methods to negotiating with your creditors
Two Accounts Billed As OneApr 5, 2024
I have two separate utility accounts that are being billed as one, can they do that?
Washington Community PropertyApr 3, 2024
Washington Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In Washington, whether a spouse is liable for a debt depends on the source of the debt, and..
Debt ConsoldationApr 3, 2024
Want to know how Debt Consolidation Services impact your credit? has all your debt consolidation tips and advice so you can save.