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YOURgage | Quicken's Custom Loans Dec 6, 2023
Quicken Loans' YOURgage | Examine Quicken Loans' YOURgage. Understand the benefits of a custom mortgage program. Make sure you know how...
Extra Mortgage PaymentDec 6, 2023
It may not be wise to sacrifice your retirement investing at the expense of cutting your mortgage interest expense.
Mortgage Loans FAQDec 6, 2023
Understand the basic terms you need to know before signing a contract for a mortgage or auto loan.
Washington Community PropertyDec 6, 2023
Washington Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In Washington, whether a spouse is liable for a debt depends on the source of the debt, and..
Debt ConsoldationDec 6, 2023
Want to know how Debt Consolidation Services impact your credit? has all your debt consolidation tips and advice so you can save.
Charged off amountDec 6, 2023
Learn how a charged off amount is recorded on your credit report. Get the information you need at
Pay Off LoansDec 6, 2023
Pay Off Loans | Review four sure-fire free tactics to Pay Off Loans payday and credit card loans, quickly and at the lowest cost. Save the most money by...
Consolidate Debts into One PaymentsDec 6, 2023
If you are seeking a Lender to Consolidate Debts into One Payment, has the advice and solutions you need to save money.
Loans and DivorceDec 6, 2023
Creditors will not accept a divorce settlement as legally binding upon them, and they will pursue the co-signatories if the primary borrower defaults.
Texas Community PropertyDec 6, 2023
Texas Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In Texas, creditors must follow a 4-step process to determine if they can collect from the non-debtor...
California Payday LoanDec 6, 2023
Payday loans | Learn about the payday loan regulations. Understand what happens in California when you put a stop payment to a check that you gave to a payday l
Attorney Collection and HarassmentDec 6, 2023
If you are facing collection from an Attorney or a law firm is threatening you, see what your options are.
Arizona Community PropertyDec 6, 2023
Arizona Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In Arizona, creditors cannot touch your community property for premarital debt. However...
Voluntary Repossession and Deficiency BalancesDec 6, 2023
Voluntary Repossession and Deficiency Balances | co-CEO, Brad Stroh discusses voluntary repossession and deficiency balances and how to deal with...
Nevada Community PropertyDec 6, 2023
Nevada Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. In Nevada, creditors must have signatures from both spouses to collect the debt from the...
Wisconsin Community PropertyDec 6, 2023
Wisconsin Community Property Law and your spouse's debt. Wisconsin liability law is tricky. Courts must first classify a debt, and then determine if...
Bankruptcy & Charge OffDec 6, 2023
Learn more about Bankruptcy and Credit Card Charge Offs, has your answers.
CaliforniaDec 6, 2023
Learn more about California statute of limitations, collection Law, payday loans & bankruptcy limits
Conforming LoanDec 5, 2023
Conforming loan limit for a one-unit residence in 2012 is $417,000 for most of the US. You must know the limits in your area because...
Secured loans on homeDec 5, 2023
Learn about secured loans on homes and whether or not you can sell a home with a secured loan attached. Get the answer from the Blog.
Get a mortgage with bad creditDec 5, 2023
Learn hot to get a mortgage with bad credit and what you need to do. Information from the blog.
Voluntary Surrender of LeaseDec 5, 2023
Get the facts on voluntary surrender of lease. has the resources to help you save on your auto loan.
Responsible for Spouse's Debt?Dec 5, 2023
You may be held responsible for a spouse's debt depending on your state's law, the debt type, when the debt was incurred, and any pre-nuptial agreement...
IBR Student Loan RepaymentDec 5, 2023
Income Based Repayment (IBR) | If you have student loan debt and a low income, an IBR can reduce your monthly payment. Start by...
Statute of Limitations on DebtDec 5, 2023
Learn your state's statute of limitation laws for credit card & other debt. Find the maximum interest rate collectors can charge, and if you are liable for...
Arizona Collection LawsDec 5, 2023
In Arizona, the statute of limitations for oral contracts is 3 years, and written contracts and credit cards is 6 years. Arizona is a...
Free Debt HelpDec 5, 2023
Get free debt help and advice on how to tackle your debt and get your finances back in order from - the most valued name in debt help.
Getting Harassed by Bill CollectorDec 5, 2023
See what recourses that may be available to you if you are getting harassed by a bill collector. Learn more about collection accounts at
Alabama Collection LawsDec 5, 2023
The statute of limitations on Alabama debt is 3 years for credit cards, and 6 or 10 years on written contracts. Wage garnishment is allowed and follows...
Help Me Get Out of DebtDec 5, 2023
Get the debt help you need from - the most trusted name in debt help. Here to help you get out of debt!
Online Credit Card Debt Help Dec 5, 2023
Learn how to find online credit card debt help in minutes. can help you get out of debt faster. - Find.Learn.Save.
Iowa Collection LawsDec 5, 2023
Learn about Iowa's wage garnishment, statutes of limitations, and levy rules.
Bankruptcy Questions & AnswersDec 5, 2023
Bankruptcy | The following are 19 common bankruptcy questions that readers have asked We include our answers and links to more discussion.
Chapter 13 BankruptcyDec 5, 2023
Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables individuals with regular income to develop a plan to repay all or part of their debts over 3 to 5 years.
New Jersey Collection LawsDec 5, 2023
The statute of limitations for some New Jersey debts is 6 years. Wage garnishment is limited to 10% of net take-home pay. Judgments have a 20-year life, and...
Debt Cures ReviewDec 5, 2023
Review of Debt Cures and check to see if Debt Cures is a scam.
Florida JudgmentDec 5, 2023
Excluding child support, creditors cannot touch Social Security and pension benefits if they are deposited into an account that is not intermingled with funds f
Colorado Collection LawsDec 4, 2023
Learn the statute of limitations for credit card and other debts in Colorado, and the state's unusual rules for the life of judgments, which is 6 or 20 years...
Settled Debt Not Updating on Credit ReportDec 4, 2023
Get information about how a settled debt is reported to the credit bureaus and how long it might take to update. read more about debt settlement at
Collector HarassmentDec 4, 2023
Learn how to deal with aggressive debt collectors in this informative article about collector harassment on
Mississippi Collection LawsDec 4, 2023
Learn Mississippi Collection Laws, including the Mississippi statute of limitations for credit card and other debts, and how your can stop a wage...
Oregon Collection LawsDec 4, 2023
Learn the statute of limitations for credit card and other debts in Oregon (hint: they're long), and the state's consumer friendly anti-garnishment...
Deficiency Balance on Car RepossessionDec 4, 2023
My car was repossessed and now I owe $9,600 in a deficiency balance I can't afford. Is bankruptcy an option?
Michigan Collection LawsDec 4, 2023
Learn Michigan Michigan Collection Laws, including the Michigan statute of limitations for credit card and other debts, and how your can stop a wage...
Trapped By DebtDec 4, 2023
Feel trapped by debt? Learn the four options to free yourself from debt that's dragging you down. Start by looking at what you can afford to pay, then look...
Balance on Voluntary RepossessionDec 4, 2023
Learn about your options in case you owe a balance on your voluntary repossession at Find free resources to help you save.
Credit Reference Being Harassed by CreditorDec 4, 2023
If a borrower fails to repay a debt, the creditor is allowed to contact third parties, such as credit references. Get more information on collector calls and h
New York Payday LoanDec 4, 2023
New York Payday Loan | New York payday lenders partner with banks in deregulated states. These lenders deliver loans via electronic funds transfer and claim...
Legal AidDec 4, 2023
Learn the names local organization that provides free and low-cost legal aid to low- and no-income people in your area.
California Collection LawsDec 4, 2023
California collection laws | If you live in California and have a delinquent debt, it is important to know the California collection laws, to protect yourself f