Voluntary Repossession and Deficiency Balances

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Bills.com Team
Jan 21, 2015

Bills.com co-CEO, Brad Stroh discusses what you need to know about voluntary repossession and deficiency balances.

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BBill, Aug, 2009
You have options. I recommend you read my answer to another reader who had a similar question. My answer is long, but I want you to read it through to understand your options.
ggeraldine, Aug, 2009
i can no longer afford my car, i am not behind in payments, but am struggling, i checked on chapter 7 so i wouldn't have to pay the deficency, but the lawyer wants 1200.00 to take my case, if i had that kind of money i wouldn't be in this fix, my husband is on disability and i work full time, but there is just no enough money, i have no credit card debts, the house is in his name, what can i do