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Borrow Money to Invest?Aug 16, 2010
Does it make sense to borrow money for an investment?
NJCLASS Loan ForgivenessMay 5, 2010
The New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority offers NJCLASS student loan cancellation in limited circumstances, including...
HAFA ProgramApr 15, 2010
HAFA | Servicers are required to respond to offers within 10 business days of receiving all of the buyer's documents and provide specific reasons for denying...
Bank of America RefinanceMar 16, 2010
Should I refinance my home with Bank of America? I am considering a Bank of America Refinance loan, but want to get the best loan from the best lender with a l
First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit & Short SaleMar 14, 2010
The fact that the property was sold as a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or REO is irrelevant to the first time homebuyer tax credit.
Refinance Tax DeductionFeb 18, 2010
According to the IRS, points are prepaid interest and may be deductible as home mortgage interest if you itemize deductions on Form 1040, Schedule A.
Alabama foreclosureFeb 17, 2010
The creditor has legal rights to the property as the debtor pay off the mortgage. However, debtor has rights, too.
Canada Credit ReportJan 27, 2010
Canada Credit Report | There is a slight risk to your Canadian credit report if you leave your US credit report in shambles. A financially motivated US...
HAMPNov 30, 2009
HAMP | How do I get started with the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HAMP)? Learn about eligibility requirements, who to contact and how to ....
Spouse's Bad Credit Affect My Credit Score?Aug 10, 2009
Do not worry about your personal credit score going bad because of your spouse's bad credit score, but keep in mind...
My Father Stole My IdentityFeb 17, 2009
Read about identity theft and the precautions you need to take, all at
Home Equity Loan After a ForeclosureJun 4, 2008
Read all about the after effects of a foreclosure. Find helpful tips and advice for free at
First Time Home Buyer and ConsolidationNov 19, 2007
First Time Home Buyer and Debt Consolidation | As a first time home buyer, if you have a significant amount of equity, you may be able to refinance or take...
Car Lease with Bad CreditOct 16, 2007
See what options you have to get a car lease with bad credit. has the tips and resources to help you save on your car lease.
Real Estate Taxes and RefinanceOct 7, 2007
Discover the truth about real estate taxes and refinance options from
FICOscore raiseSep 20, 2007
Credit score not up to mark. can give you helpful tips on how to raise your FICO score.
Withdrawing cash out of a Mutual FundSep 19, 2007
Is it better to take funds out of a mutual funds for home repair expenses? Find out more...
Refinance Mobile HomeSep 13, 2007
Let give you the advice you need on refinancing mobile homes and give you all of your mobile home refinance options so that you can save.
Fico Score RaiseAug 15, 2007
Let help you raise your FICO score so that you can improve your credit rating and save money.
Defaulting on home loanJul 22, 2007
Learn about defaulting on a home loan and if a lender can make you sell you 2nd home to pay for the loan of the first.
Free Credit Report HelpJul 12, 2007
Let help you get the Free Credit Report help that you need to save.
No Fax PayDay LoanJul 5, 2007
Looking for a no fax payday loan? Let help you find the no fax payday loan help and tips that you need to deal with payday loans and debt trouble in
Best Credit Monitoring ServiceJul 3, 2007
Looking for the BEST credit monitoring service? Let point you in the right direction so that you get the credit monitoring services that you need.
Foreclosure Short SaleJun 18, 2007
Considering foreclosure or a short sale? Let give you the advice you need to effectively plan and to avoid foreclosure.
Building home equityApr 19, 2007
Learn about building home equity and how long it takes before you home starts accruing equity. Get the answer on the blog.
Real estate roiApr 12, 2007
Learn all about real estate roi and how to make financial decisions on your home. Get the information you need on the Financial Blog.
Help with mortgage paymentsApr 12, 2007
If you need help with mortgage payments, discover what your options are. You'll find your answer on the Blog.
Benefits of a reverse mortgageApr 12, 2007
Discover the benefits of a reverse mortgage with a detailed Q&A on the Blog. Get all the answers you're looking for.
Behind on BillsApr 11, 2007
If you are behind on your bills and debt has you down, has the solutions to get you back on track.
Buy a Home with Bad CreditApr 5, 2007
If you have bad credit and are looking for advice on how to buy a home, look for for advice and resources to help you achieve your dream of home owner
Cheap Auto InsuranceApr 5, 2007
If you are looking for advice on Cheap Auto Insurance, look to for all of your auto insurance questions and answers.
Low Interest Home Equity LoanApr 4, 2007
If you are looking for a Low Interest Home Equity Loan, has the answers you need.
Mobile Home Loan RefinanceApr 4, 2007
If you need a Mobile Home Loan Refinance, has the answers to your questions.