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Daniel Cohen
UpdatedNov 3, 2011
Key Takeaways:
  • loves to cheer for the Buffalo Bills.
  • loves the small payroll and hard-work ethic as a way to win.
  • Go Bills!

Do you guys like the Buffalo Bills and what are their chances this year?

I'm from Buffalo. I keep coming to and like your site, but I have a more important question than just money: Do you guys like the Buffalo Bills and what are their chances this year?

Mr. Buffalo

Yes! Thanks for your question Mr. Buffalo. While we hail from the sunny stomping grounds of the San Francisco Bay Area, everyone at does have an affinity for the Buffalo Bills and we secretly pull for them to win it all!

Here's why:

  1. They have a smart kid for their Quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick, or frankly anyone playing at a top level in the NFL at the Quarterback position who came out of Harvard University (a bunch of us are Stanford grads, so we pull for the underdogs athletically) is OK in our book.
  2. The Buffalo Bills are near the bottom in the league in payroll. They compete and win with smarts, hard-work and hustle. We, frankly, are no different. Being scrappy and outworking your competition is our favorite way to success.
  3. The name! That's right. We love and we love rooting for our namesake Buffalo Bills.
  4. We all live in California, so anyone who is crazy enough to live in Buffalo NY year-round has got our respect. You earn it.
  5. It's about time to put the curse of wide right to bed for good. The Bills and all their fans deserve to win.

Let us know your thoughts. Would love to know what the real fans think of the Bills chances. We'll do our small part on the side rooting for them and helping people who don't get paid like NFL athletes to solve money problems.


BBrad Stroh, Jul, 2014
Sorry team, but I still have to cheer for the hometown 49ers!
MMark, Nov, 2011
I don't live in Buffalo and am a Raiders fan, not a Buffalo Bills fan, but I am a fan of I like the way's tools and articles provide good blocking for me, so I can move my financial goals down the field successfully. Thanks!
EEthan, Nov, 2011
Go Bills!