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Home Equity Loan Vs. Cash Out Refinance

Mark CappelApril 8, 2008

Refinance | See which is better: Home Equity Loan or a Cash Out Refinance. Bills.com has the mortgage information you need to help you save more!

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Will a large unused HELOC hurt your credit?

Mark CappelFebruary 23, 2008

Read more to learn about how an unused equity line of credit (HELOC) can influence your credit. Get information, tips and resources all in one place at Bills.c

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Mortgage or HELOC to Remodel Home

Mark CappelNovember 19, 2007

See what type of home loans are suited for senior citizens. Bills.com gives you a wealth of information on mortgages.

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Consequences of Home Equity Loan Default

Mark CappelNovember 6, 2007

Learn about consequences of defaulting on a home equity loan and what the usual process is at Bills.com

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Home Equity Line of Credit Advice

Mark CappelSeptember 19, 2007

Thinking about a home equity line of credit (HELOC) Bills.com has some valuable advice.

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HELOC Payoff

Mark CappelAugust 15, 2007

Let Bills.com help you pay off your HELOC and give you the advice you need to save fast on Home Equity Lines.

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About Your Home Equity Line and Credit Score

Daniel CohenAugust 5, 2007

Learn about your credit score, HELOC, and how your score is affected by the amount you can borrow. Free advice from Bills.com.

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Home Equity Loan to Pay Off Debt

Mark CappelMay 10, 2007

Should you get a home equity loan to pay off debt? Discover the answer to this question and more at Bills.com.

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Building home equity

Bills.com TeamApril 19, 2007

Learn about building home equity and how long it takes before you home starts accruing equity. Get the answer on the Bills.com blog.

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