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Rotem Segal

Rotem Segal

sweepstake-rulesJan 29, 2017
Sweepstakes Rules for the Halloween sweepstakes
Scary good ways to save on HalloweenFeb 18, 2015
Infographic of scary good ways to save on Halloween. Learn quick, easy tips to save on Halloween expenses.
Infographic: 2014 Labor Day costJan 30, 2015
How much did it cost the average family to take a Labor Day vacation in 2014? $700. Review this infographic and see how your expenses compare to others and...
Infographic - Home Remodeling By The NumbersJan 30, 2015
An infographic unveiling the home remodeling projects with the best return on investment. Check out the Hall of Fame for even more fun facts.
Infographic: The Hidden Costs of Getting MarriedJan 30, 2015
An infographic showing the hidden costs in getting married
Infographic: Valentine's Day by the NumbersJan 30, 2015
An infographic showing Valentine's Day Gift-giving and Spending trends by the numbers!
Infographic: Online Holiday Shopping by the NumbersJan 30, 2015
An interactive infographic showing online holiday shopping trends and how consumers make their shopping decisions
2014 World Cup TriviaDec 2, 2014
2014 World Cup Trivia
Black Friday Store OpeningsDec 2, 2014
When your favorite stores open for Black Friday.
Could Bitcoin Get Shut Down?Jun 27, 2014
Could Bitcoin get shut down? Increased scrutiny from US Attorney Bharara lead some to speculate that pressures on Bitcoin will only increase. Be sure to...
Infographic: Home appreciation by the numbersNov 22, 2013
An infographic showing home appreciation in the US by state, the national median home price, YoY increase in home prices and some foreclosure statistics
Private Student Loan SettlementJan 4, 2012
Your bank showing willingness to negotiate a settlement on your private student loan is a positive step. You have many peers who...