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Maya Bluthenthal

Financial Lesssons from CollegeAug 7, 2019
Two key financial lessons I learned from my first year at college are: Keep better track of my spending and be more disciplined in building savings. This year,
Earning More as a College StudentMar 26, 2019
College costs are high. Tuition, housing, and books, add up. It's more important than ever for a college student to earn money. Read tips from Maya Bluthenthal
Smart Shopping Tips - College StudenMar 1, 2019
It is easy to spend more than you should. Here are some tips to keep you within your shopping budget and still find gifts for others (and yourself) that ...
Freshman 15 & BudgetMar 1, 2019
One of the challenges of college is eating a healthy diet, avoiding the"Freshman 15." What I hadn't realized was how this issue affects my finance and budget.