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Do you know your financial IQ? I got my Bills IQ and I learned that my money IQ sucks!

Do you know your financial IQ? I got my Bills IQ and I learned that my money IQ sucks!

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Yes, the Bills IQ quiz is pretty cool and handy, and might be eye-opening for many people who find out that they need to solidify their financial foundation.

The free quiz ( Bills IQ ) is a quick and easy assessment of your financial IQ and position across five categories:






You can score anywhere from an "F" up to an "A" depending on what you know and where you are financially. The good news is that no matter where you are on the BillsIQ spectrum, you get tons of free tips and tools to help you learn and also save to better your financial future.

I'm glad that you took the quiz, and I hope it helped you find, learn, & save!

Take it again in a month or two after you've used the tips, and see if you can score even higher!


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  • SC
    Jun, 2008
    95 on the BillsIQ quiz! And we slipped up on the insurance and will sections. Good tips that we need to clean that up. Nice, we liked the Bills IQ
    2 Votes

  • 35x35
    Jun, 2008
    I scored a 78 - and definitely fell down in the Budget and Life Plan areas - pretty good little tool and definitely a wake-up call.
    0 Votes

  • 35x35
    Jun, 2008
    This is AWESOME. I scored ok, but also learned to pay off my credit cards in full (for saving and for my credit rating). I'll get an A next time I take the BillsIQ {maybe :)}
    1 Votes