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I cannot enroll in my next semester because of a hold on my account due to a charge at health services. What can I do?

I am very anxious writing this question but here it goes: My payment for college was past due for a couple of months at a agency and I paid off the account a month ago so I could enroll. Then once I paid the hold I thought I could enroll for spring semester. Then they told me that I had another account that I had to pay. First of all, I was only aware of one account which is "student inquiry" that I can see online which includes all charges including tuition, housing, and health service. What ever you owed the school it's under that account Then I got an email that told me I had a health service charge, which I have no idea where it came from and it accumulated late fees over a year. Now under my "Student Inquiry" there is a health service charge that I did pay. They never answered where that account came from. I feel like I have been falsely charged! Is it legal to take a charge and make a new account and keep it at the school so it can accumulate late fee charges? I talked to the owner and he told me he would take the hold off my account, but there still is a hold!! Now he is out till Thursday and the lady in the front desk is not helpful at all or the collection company Please what should I do?I honestly don't think I should pay because the person manger said that he would take it off, but nothing has happened! I asked a month ago. Also spots for classes are disappearing. The charge is only 130, but I all ready paid 2,400 dollars. And I also have future classes. should I get a attorney, because I feel like no matter how hard I try they won't give me a chance to explain....please any advise. I do have proof of my online charges!

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Write a letter to the billing department at the health services clinic and the bursar's office explaining your situation. Do not write what you wrote here, which is free of facts and is barely comprehensible. For example, "The charge is only 130, but I all ready paid 2,400 dollars" does not make sense. If there is a late fee or some other fee of $130 on your account, why would you pay $2,400 to clear that debt?

Be clear. Be simple. Use dates. Name names. Facts are your friends so use them. Explain the situation as if you were talking to a young child without sounding condescending. Explain exactly what you want the reader to do. Perhaps something like, "Please remove the hold on account number 123abc so that I can enroll for fall 2010 classes. Here three reasons why you should remove the hold..."

You are dealing with people who want to help you, but you have to express yourself clearly so that they can.

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