Debt Help Center USA and Debt Relief USA

Debt Help Center USA and Debt Relief USA

What can you tell me about Debt Help Center USA and Debt Relief USA?

I see these ads on TV all the time for Debt Help Center USA, or may it's Debt Relief USA. What can you tell me about this company? I can find only one Web page about the company and nothing else. I don't want to sent them my information without knowing where it's going or who is receiving it.

  • Debt Help Center USA and Debt Relief USA are lead generators.
  • Debt Help Center USA and Debt Relief USA do not provide debt settlement services.
  • Hulk Hogan is a Debt Help Center USA spokesman.

Debt Help Center USA and Debt Relief USA are brands or business names owned by separate companies that do what people in the marketing field call lead generation. Lead generators collect the names of people who need a product or service using TV or radio ads, Web sites, or other means, and sell the names to service providers. At, for example, we offer to match readers who need a mortgage or mortgage refinance with pre-screened lenders who meet readers’ needs. Revenue generated by this activity makes my answers to your questions possible!

Debt Help Center USA

Debt Help Center USA is a brand owned by National Media Connection, which also owns the National Mortgage Help Center brand. National Media Connection is based in New London, CT, and according to the company Web site and the BBB, has been in business since 2002. Debt Help Center USA currently operates several television campaigns. One notable campaign shows a video clip of President Obama giving a speech while an announcer urges viewers with debt to call a toll-free number. Another campaign features professional wrestler Terry Bollea, known as "Hulk Hogan," who exhorts viewers to "Don’t sweat the debt."

According to Matt Goldreich, president of National Media Connection, the leads generated by its campaigns go to one debt settlement provider. However, National Media Connection’s Web site solicits other debt settlement providers to buy its leads.

The Debt Help Center USA Web site consists of two pages: A form where people interested in debt resolution can enter their contact information, and a privacy page that discloses visitors’ contact information will be sold to a debt settlement provider.

Debt Help Center USA is not a TASC or IAPDA member, which is understandable given it does not negotiate or settle debt.

Debt Relief USA

Debt Relief USA is a brand owned by Triad Media Solutions in Hoboken, NJ. The BBB and Triad’s LinkedIn profile state the company started in February 2007, is a corporation, and the principal is Sung Kim. Other managers include Dave Butler and James Rutha.

Debt Relief USA puts considerably more effort into its Web site than Debt Help Center USA, with content describing debt settlement and alternatives. Debt Relief USA is not a TASC or IAPDA member, which is understandable given it is in the lead generation business.

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KKevin Garney, Feb, 2011
Should I use a debt relief firm that sells my info and is a lead generator or should I go straight to an actual provider of the ultimate debt solution that I need?
BBill Admin, Feb, 2011
If you identified a debt settlement provider with which you want to do business, then by all means contact it directly.

I cannot speak for other companies that do lead generation, but I can describe what we do at We collect the bare minimum information necessary from readers interested in debt settlement, mortgages, and mortgage refinances. A computer connected to our Web server accepts a submitted form, and matches the reader's information to a service provider that meets the reader's needs, and sends the reader's information to the service provider.

For example, a reader interested in a mortgage refinance living in State A with a credit score of 680, will be matched to a lender who serves State A clients with that score. A State B reader interested in debt settlement will be matched with a partner licensed to operate in State B.

At, the phrase we use to describe this is You are matched with pre-screened service providers. We think our approach is the best, most efficient way to serve our readers. No one works harder than to match readers with the most appropriate service providers.