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Can you help me get out of debt on back SSI payments that they overpaid me?

Can you help me get out of debt on back SSI payments that they overpaid me?

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For some reason, overpayments by the Social Security Administration (SSA) seem to be a relatively common problem.

If the SSA realizes that it has overpaid you, it will ask for you to pay back the money, even if the error was not your fault. While there is a procedure in place for appealing notices of overpayment, more often than not benefit recipients will be required to repay the overpayment through a repayment arrangement or a compromise settlement. If you take no action to resolve the overpayment, the SSA will likely withhold your benefits, applying your monthly benefit to repay the overpayment. Once the overpayment is satisfied, you will begin receiving benefit checks again.

If you received a notice of overpayment, you need to contact the SSA to appeal the notice. You can appeal if you feel that you were not overpaid, that the request for repayment is unfair, or that it would cause you an undue hardship. While these are all valid reasons for an appeal, an appeal does not guarantee that you will not be required to pay back the amount that was overpaid. For an in depth discussion of the appeals process, you should visit

For an official discussion of overpayment appeals process and to obtain the necessary forms, you can visit the SSAÂ’s website at

As mentioned before, most people are required to repay any overpayment made by the SSA. However, the SSA does allow beneficiaries to negotiate payment arrangements and compromise settlements. Decisions about payment plans and settlements are based on the recipientÂ’s ability to pay and several other factors. Visit the two sites mentioned above for more information about repayment options.

I wish you the best of luck as you try to resolve your dispute with the SSA. I hope that the information I have provided helps you Find. Learn. Save.

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  • JH
    Sep, 2007
    My wife has received a notice in Aug. 2007 that her SSD will be garnished 100% to repay an overpayment made to her son plus what appears to be $1200 interest. This was her/our first and only notice of this pending action. My stepson had his overpayment dismissed in Jan. 2007 by appeal due to their (SSA) error and he couldn't repay since he was a student. My wife never received the funds so how can she/we be responsible for paying back something we never received? Is this common practice too, dismissing it knowing they would take it from the parent and get these penalty fees? Seems like they have a pretty good racket going.