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Just as there are many types of debt, there are many types of debt solutions. Factor in each person’s unique financial and personal situation, it is no wonder that so many people find it hard to get a debt solution that meets their needs. In addition to providing in-depth articles about debt solutions, has developed some unique tools that can help you analyze your situation and find the most appropriate debt relief solution.

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How to Find Your Debt Solutions

How to Find Your Debt Solutions

The key to finding a debt solution is to match your particular financial situation, including your income, types of debts, assets, and credits, with the available debt relief programs. For some, the debt solution can be as easy as trimming their budget and making bigger monthly payments. For others, suffering from a personal and financial hardship, the best debt solution may involve much more stress. Aggressive debt relief programs such as debt settlement or bankruptcy may be the best fit.

Debt Solutions: Debt Navigator

If you are having trouble figuring out which is the best debt relief option, then try out free too, the Debt Navigator. Answer a few questions, and a soft credit pull, which doesn't affect your credit score, and you will receive a personalized analysis of your debt options. Compare and choose!

Debt Relief Programs

Debt Solutions for Bad Credit

Bad credit limits your ability to find a debt solution. You won’t qualify for a personal debt consolidation loan or a cash-out mortgage. More importantly, bad credit is generally a sign of financial problems. It is important to review your credit report and if necessary, remove any inaccurate items. Look around for a debt solution that will help you put your finances on course and deal with your debt. Two examples are a debt settlement program and bankruptcy.

If you have delinquent accounts, collection items, or public judgements, then learn about your rights, including collection laws, statute of limitations, and debt collector rules. One important thing: Stay away from predatory lenders. Although payday loans can on rare occasions be a stop-gap solution to pay an emergency bill, in general they are debt traps.

Debt Settlement

If you have bad credit, struggling with debt, and/or suffering from a personal hardship, then check out a debt settlement plan. You should focus on getting debt free and not your creidti. A reliable company will offer a free consultation to see that you meet the program's criteria. Don't pay upfront fees.

Collection Laws

If you have bad credit and are fbehind in payments, then it is important to that you understand your rights. Learn about the FDCPA and harassing collection calls, collection laws, and statue of judgements. Protect your rights and find the right debt solution for your situation.

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