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Levy Overseas Bank Account

I owe money to Bank of America. Can they garnish my funds from a Thailand bank?

I owe money to Bank of America. Can they garnish my funds from a overseas bank such as in Thailand?

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I think you are really referring to a levy. A levy is a court order allowing the the creditor the right to take whatever money is in a debtor's account and apply the funds to the balance of the judgment.

If your funds are deposited in a non-US bank located in a foreign country, the creditor must either domesticate a judgment it has against you in the US in the foreign country, or launch a new lawsuit against you in the foreign country. The second option is unlikely. The first option depends on the treaties between the US and that country, and the foreign country's laws.

What I described in the paragraph above are not common actions for most consumer debt. However, a good rule of thumb is that the chances of a US creditor domesticating a debt in a foreign country is proportional to the amount owed. It is very unlikely that a US creditor will domesticate a debt for $1,000. The chances of it domesticating a $1 million debt is much greater.

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