Guaranteed Tax Relief Review

Guaranteed Tax Relief Review

Is Guaranteed Tax Relief possible with my IRS Debt? I need help and want a review please.

Is Guaranteed Tax Relief possible with my IRS Debt? I need help and want a review please.

There is no such thing as guaranteed tax relief or any certain guarantee on results when dealing with the IRS, but you can choose the best firm to handle your IRS debts so that you can get a free consultation and an accurate assessment of your tax relief options.

First, we would recommend Freedom Tax Relief. FTR can help set up an installment agreement, work to qualify for an offer in compromise, or get you compliant (by pulling SFRs and filing back tax returns), but no one can give you a guaranteed tax relief option upfront.

Here are the facts on Freedom Tax:

1. Freedom Tax Relief has been in business for many years and has helped thousands of customers. They first joined the Better Business Bureau over four years ago and appear to be a good firm with thousands of clients.

2. Freedom Tax Relief appears to be one of the larger firms, and has a low complaint ratio... meaning that they take care of their clients who do enroll.

3. The Founders of the Company are Stanford Business School alumni with impressive backgrounds in the financial services industry.

4. They've won many awards (Best Places to Work, Entrepreneurs of the Year from Ernst & Young, Fast 100 list by Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc500, etc)

5. Most importantly, Freedom Tax Relief has helped many Americans resolve their IRS debts and looks to be an ethical operation that helps consumers deal with complicated IRS and tax debt situations.

As far as a firm named Guaranteed Tax Relief, I cannot tell you much other than the fact that they appear to be very newly created.

Whatever route you choose, let me help you evaluate your IRS tax relief options. If you want to know more about your options for dealing with IRS debt, and what a firm like Freedom Tax Relief would do for you, read on...

Tax Debt Options

IRS debts can be resolved using one of these five options:

Offer in Compromise: an agreement to settle the debt for significantly less than is owed via a lump sum payment or a brief installment plan.

Installment agreement: a monthly payment plan for the full balance of the IRS debt.

Partial payment Installment Agreement: a monthly payment plan for a portion of the tax debt.

Currently Not Collectible: an agreement by the IRS not to seek collection of a tax debt for a specific period of time.

Bankruptcy: an order to discharge all or part of your IRS debts under chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

You can also read much more about IRS Debt Help in the resource I just mentioned.

Lastly, check out our tax relief reviews of firms that provide tax advisory services, including Freedom Tax Relief, Tax Masters and JK Harris among others. Do your homework to figure out what you owe, what your options are, and who the best tax representation firm is for your needs.

I hope this information helps you: Find. Learn. Save.

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JJennifer Rajune, Mar, 2010
Wow, I came back to this site to report my status and found that the owner of Certfd tax inc is trying to act like he is me and report that I used him! It's unfortunate that Cert tax inc would stoop to this level in order to get business. Maybe the owner (who I found out is just a salesman working out of his apartment) cannot afford to spend money on real advertising like his competitors. I contacted to get a response because I DID end up using them. Jenny, my attorney who is registered with the state bar, would never waste time trying to make other companies look bad. She wouldn’t lie to make herself look better. Even after I notified them of this behavior she just shrugged it off and apologized that I had to deal with something like this. OKAY! My original reasons for coming back here was to report my current status with So far, everything is working out great. Unfortunately the state issued a levy on my bank account but I had never mentioned this to my tax attorney originally so she didn’t know about it. She immediately filed another power of attorney to handle my state issue as well. The levy was lifted by the end of the week, before my pay period so I was lucky. The attorney will have one of the Enrolled Agents handle the state case for free because I don’t owe them that much. My IRS settlement is currently processing. I will report back here when I get word from the IRS. Things are looking VERY hopeful at this point.
jjennifer raj, Feb, 2010
I actually contacted a certified tax inc and they contaced IRS same day and i had many different EA's to choose from. They are also owned by an Enrolled Agent not some new company who is owned by somebody who just had a little bit of money. Thanks
BBill, Jan, 2010
Thanks Jennifer for your feedback on Guaranteed Tax Relief. Hopefully your program continues to go smoothly and good luck! Be sure to report back on how everything ends up. Bill
JJennifer Rajune, Jan, 2010
I actually Googled guaranteed tax relief because mentioned that they were the only company in the industry that guaranteed their work. I had them send the guarantee in writing and after review, they do guarantee their performance just not the actual result. The attorney I talked to said that this was impossible because of the many people taking advantage of the IRS rules. Since a lot of these companies were a bit vague on this subject I decided to go with them. So far they have lifted a levy and kept the IRS at bay but I've only been a client for 2 months. I just received my settlement package so the they seem aggressive enough for me. I'm a teacher from AL and am just relieved that I dont have to deal with this anymore. Im glad that I am not experiencing what some of you poor folkes had to deal with.
JJeff in SCal, Jul, 2009
Taxes are never written off in a bankruptcy so if you can't get that right what else is wrong. Any two bit bankruptcy atty will confirm this.
BBill Admin, Dec, 2011
Jeff, I don't know where you get your information, but it is incorrect. IRS personal income taxes can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (if the filer qualifies for a Chapter 7), if they meet the following three rules:
  1. The taxes are due for three years.
  2. The tax returns are filed for two years.
  3. The tax assessment is in place for 240 days.