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Federal Student Loan Tuition Waiver

Can you get your federal student loans waived if you receive Social Security benefits?

I have about $70,000 worth of federal Stafford student loans and just found out that if you have Social Security benefits, the tuition was supposed to be waived. Is it possible to discharge some of my loans with this tuition waiver?

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  • contains a plethora of information about student loans.
  • How to qualify for a student loan forgiveness plan.
  • There is no automatic waiver of student loans if you qualify for Social Security benefits.

I reviewed both the Social Security Administration and Federal Student Aid Web sites and am unable to locate information on forgiveness of tuition if you receive Social Security benefits. My answer below contains information on student loans and that may be forgiven. Generally speaking, students loans are not forgiven, even if you file bankruptcy.

Student Loans Basics offers a plethora of information on student loans, including a glossary of terms, various types of student loans and the differences between federal and private student loans.

Student Loan Forgiveness

You may qualify for a student loan forgiveness plan. To apply for the student loan forgiveness program you need to contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center by calling (800) 433-3243, or visit the Dept. of Education Student Aid Web site regarding discharge and cancellation of a student loan.


Review the page regarding student loan forgiveness, where you will find specifics including provisions for disabled. As you do not mention what type of Social Security benefits you are receiving, it is difficult to determine if you would qualify for student loan forgiveness. You will have to contact the Federal Student Aid or Social Security Administration to determine your eligibility, if any, for student loan forgiveness.

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