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Jun 7, 2024
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Just as there are many types of debt, there are many types of debt solutions. Debt consolidation is one popular way of getting out of debt, but did you know that it isn't the only way?

Even if you are struggling with minimum payments, bad credit, or suffering from financial hardship, there are debt solutions that can help lower your monthly payment and get you out of debt.

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Debt Solutions for Bad Credit

Bad credit limits your ability to find a debt solution.

You won’t qualify for a personal debt consolidation loan or a cash-out mortgage. More importantly, bad credit is generally a sign of financial problems.  

If you are in financial hardship, then look for a debt solution that reduces your monthly payment and will help you put your finances on course. Two examples are a debt settlement program and bankruptcy.

You can choose to negotiate your debt directly, choose a debt settlement company, or use a bankruptcy lawyer. 

Debt Solutions - Steps to becoming debt free

1. Look at your options

Debt Payoff Calculator: There are different debt solutions to pursue including a snowball payoff plan, balance transfers, debt consolidation, home equity loans, balance transfers, credit counseling, debt settlement, and bankruptcy. The right plan depends on your monthly income, credit, assets, and debt level. Confusing? Review your options, then compare your debt solutions at  Debt Payoff Calculator. 

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Talk to an Expert:  Dealing with debt is stressful. Knowing how to negotiate your debt or find a personalized solution is not a simple task. offers a number of articles and tools to help you better understand your financial situation and your debt options.

In addition, take advantage of experts who can start you on the path to paying off your debt.

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