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Bank of America Mortgage Payment and Acknowledgment

How do we get proof our mortgage is paid to our lender Bank of America?

My wife and I had our home financed through Countrywide mortgage. In September 2008, we decided to pay off the mortgage. That was the time when BAC was acquiring Countrywide and we were instructed to Wire transfer the funds to BAC. The payment was sent on 9-25-2008 and we have the Confirmation number. However, we never received any acknowledgent or the title deed from BAC. Now, we are planning to sell our house and move to another state. Please advise what to do.

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Bill's Answer
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  • Send Bank of America proof your mortgage is paid.
  • Bank of America bought Countrywide and now owns its loans.
  • Visit the Bank of America profile page.

Congratulations on paying off your mortgage. has a plethora of information on Bank of America and Countrywide Mortgage. As you have proof of payment, I suggest you write a letter to both Countrywide Mortgage and Bank of America to ensure proper credit for the payment. Include copies of all documentation you have on this transaction (letter indicating to wire the funds to Bank of America, wiring instructions, confirmation number) and any mortgage statements supporting your claim. Also, request that the mortgage lien on the title be cleared and reflect you as the owner.

To express your opinion on Bank of America's mortgage services, visit the Bank of America profile page.

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