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  • Mortgage and debt Bills.com's readers' top subjects.
  • Issues surrounding debt collections and protecting oneself from debt collectors made our list.
  • Low interest rates spurred readers to explore the ways to find the best mortgage.

Top 10 New Bills.com Articles in 2014

2015 is here, making it an appropriate time to look back at 2014.

Bills.com published dozens of articles about a wide range of consumer finance issues, focusing on key areas our website covers: mortgage, debt, collections, credit, and personal finance. We also answered hundreds of reader questions  and comments, as well as commented on new happenings in consumer finance, such as Bitcoin.

Here are our top 10 most popular articles from 2014.

Top Mortage Articles

Refinance to Lower Your Payment

Many people are looking to reduce their monthly living expenses. Refinancing, especially at today’s low rates, is one step that would help many people save money each month. This popular article a reader’s specific question, “Should I refinance to lower my payment?” It is worth reading if you are having trouble making your payments, or wish to free up money for other needs, as refinancing to a lower payment could be a useful solution.

Bills.com Mortgage Tips

Bills.com authored a popular 3-part series of mortgage tips, to help readers navigate the complicated mortgage shopping experience. The detailed mortgage tips help borrowers save money, by preparing them to find the best mortgage available. The series focused on tips to simplify and ease the qualification process, how to find the most affordable mortgage, and how to get the best mortgage terms, so you can close a deal in the best manner possible

  1. Getting Qualified for a Mortgage
  2. Securing an Affordable Mortgage
  3. Obtaining the Best Mortgage Terms

Paying Two Mortgage Payments a Month

Savvy consumers look for small changes they can make that will reap savings and improve their financial position. Examine the strategy of making two mortgage payments each month and compare it to other ways to save money on your mortgage. This article will help you find the right strategy for saving money on your mortgage. 

Mortgage Lenders Loosen Credit Score Requirements

Credit scores are a topic of continued interest. In fact, interest in the many issues surrounding credit scores seems to grow year after year. Consumers are keenly aware how important their credit scores are when they are shopping for a mortgage.

In 2014, many mortgage lenders eased their credit score requirements, making it possible for people to get a mortgage who could not do so previously. Do you know that some lenders will accept borrowers with a credit score as low as 550? Find out what loans are available and how your costs are affected by your credit score.          

Top Debt/Collection Articles

Where to Find the Right Debt Consolidation Loan

Consumers with Choosing the right consolidation loan can be complicated, whether you’re looking to consolidate medical debt, credit cards, or other loans. Learn how to shop for the best consolidation loan for your individual circumstances. Also, review the alternatives if a debt consolidation loan is not the right solution for you.

Collection Agency Charges

If you have an account that goes into collections, you may notice that the collection agent added charges to your original debt. This article helps you understand what charges are legal to add on, what can’t be legally added, and what steps you can take to protect yourself if a collection agency is trying to take advantage of you. Don’t fall prey to an unscrupulous debt collector!

Medical Debt and Your Credit Score

Can you believe that close to 20% of Americans wtih credit reports have a medical collection account that is harming their score? Medical debt collections cause problems for borrowers who are otherwise deemed creditworthy. The goverment is increasing its involvement in this issue.

Learn how medical debt affects your score, what rights you have, and how best to deal with medical collection accounts.

Personal Finance Article

7 Bills You Can Stop Paying

Our Top Personal finance post of 2014 covered ways you can save money by shedding some of your bills. Any time is a good time to review these expenses, to see if you can save money, but the start of the new year is an especially great time to make a fresh start.

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