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I paid-off my house two months ago. When should I expect to receive my deed? Or, how do I get it?

I paid off my house two months ago and have yet to receive the deed. Is this normal? When should I expect to receive it, or how should I get it?

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If you have paid off your mortgage loan recently and are waiting on your deed, the best course of action is to call your lender directly. Once your final mortgage payment has been received and your mortgage balance is zero, it is their responsibility to issue a satisfaction of lien and send that document to the county courthouse where it can be filed with your mortgage/ deed of trust.

Once the courthouse has received and processed the satisfaction of lien, this will serve as final proof that you now owe the house free and clear of any liens (assuming there are no other liens on the home).

You can get a copy of your deed from the courthouse, but you will want to make sure that you also have a copy of the satisfaction of lien document as well, for your own records. So call your lender (if you don't know it's the lender or servicer whose name was on your mortgage payment coupons) first and ask them for a status; then visit or call the local county courthouse and request this documentation.

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