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Time to Complete a Refinance

How long should it take to refinance a house?

I am working with a Realtor to help me refinance my home with cash out. I started on April 6 and she said everything have been approved except we are waiting for someone to come out to do an appraisal. How long should it take to refinance my house?

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Something is wrong if a refinance takes longer than 90 days to complete.

The first sentence in your question gives me pause. I find it difficult to believe a Realtor would become involved in a mortgage refinance, unless this particular Realtor is also a loan officer for a mortgage company.

Review your documentation to see if the refinance offer has expired. My guess it has. If so, dump the Realtor and start shopping again. One place to shop is the refinance savings center where you will get no-cost online refinance quotes from up to four pre-screened mortgage companies.

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