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Video Blog: How to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

Ethan Ewing, President of, explains how to get the best mortgage rates today.

How can I find out if I can get a better mortgage rate than the one I have now? Jason D. St. Louis, MO

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  • TY
    Jan, 2012
    Try Before
    Richmond, CA
    I think this is wonderful advice for new home buyers in the real estate market and those buying their first home. Getting the best mortgage rate is very important because it gives you more power as the buyer. I think the most important step is to do the math, which will be a step I will follow when I prepare to buy my first home
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  • 35x35
    Oct, 2010
    this is such a nice comment....
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    • ES
      Dec, 2010
      New York, NY
      I read the best mortgage lender's blog. "Get a quote there," he says, "but don't automatically think you're going to get the best deal there."
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  • 35x35
    Oct, 2010
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  • BM
    May, 2010
    a mortgage term comes to an end, mortgage refinancing can help the borrower to considerably in terms of reducing monthly house payments. Achieving the lowest mortgage rate will help to release money that can be used to cover the cost of other household bills. However, lenders will only offer cheap mortgage deals to those who present the least risk to them.
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