Pay Off Student Loan Debt Early

Pay Off Student Loan Debt Early

Should I Pay My Student Loan Debt Early?

Hi, I have 30,000$ student loans at 4.75% interest rate. Apparently I get charged $4.23 every day or so for interest, I am planning on paying $1,500 every month towards my loans. I am wondering whether I pay monthly, weekly, bi weekly or daily is best to save on interest charges? Apparently Student loans recalculate the balance on a daily base, so payments per daily will reflect the following day. So either I pay 50$ a day, or I pay $1,500 upfront every month. Which would save me more interest money? Thanks,

That's a good question, and clearly you are making a good initial decision to aggressively pay down your debt. Our recommendation would be to make bi-weekly payments. The amortization schedule of most student loans is most likely based on monthly calculations of interest due. By making payments every two weeks, you will lower the amount of the principal used to calculate the payment, and save yourself $300-400 over the course of a two-year repayment period.

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One other thing to keep in mind: if you have other high interest debt (like credit cards), you'll want to pay those balances down before your student loan balances. You've got a good, low rate on your student loan and if you have other debt, your cash would be better spent on the higher interest rate accounts. Learn more about student loan debt. Thanks for your question.

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BBill, Mar, 2010
I don't understand why she would have to pay taxes on that money. However, if you want to be absolutely certain I suggest you speak with a certified tax professional.
MMary White, Mar, 2010
My granddaughter has 8000.00 in non secured student loans. if I pay them will she have to pay taxes on that money?